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I slip on’t wear my Frye wedges intimately enough (ps have you entered the jeans giveaway?)


While we associate smoking with lung cancer, it is besides the most common cause for pancreatic and bladder cancer, that are both horrible cancers to die from. 

Is it inexplicable to have a favorite microbe? Mine is Legionella, further that’s mostly because I reckon the naming of it was to such a degree interesting – it was first discovered ~wards a group of people who were staying at a hotel on this account that an American Legion convention all came in a descending course with pneumonia. The bacteria is transmitted through desire in aerosolized water, so it is ofttimes associated with large heating and cooling systems found in hotels.

I saw a form of Gastric Antral Vascular Ectasia this week, and it absolutely does look like a “watermelon abide“!

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I know a fortune of you enjoy review posts, with equal rea~n make sure to check out Audrey’s novel jean and Modcloth reviews (I have affection for that floral blazer!) 

Rachelle shares her tips by reason of doing an at-home facial. 

Kristina complaisant of had my dream wedding – take heed at all the gorgeous details in the present state (my favorite are those “gold” mention tag holders).


I wish I was further of a high heels girl since this rose adorned pair is indeed gorgeous (and for that price, I could totally turn to a high heels kind of lass!).

My J.Crew chambray shirt is person of my absolute favorite items in my retiring-room, so I’m intrigued by this translation from Old Navy – how fun is that back? I would have existence a total copycat and wear it the without the least error way they styled it.

Am I the solely one who struggles with finding a moto jerkin that fits just the way you wish it to? I may have to try at a loss this version from BB Dakota (common of my favorite brands!). 

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Any recommendations on a genial (reasonably priced) bra? It’s a unwavering struggle! 

My tried and genuine favorite bra is the Body through Victoria demi bra from Victoria’s Secret. It has a lining unless isn’t padded, it’s snug, and because it is pretty scale bra for VS, you can usually discover it in the sale section likewise – during their last major sale, I got a unmistakable white one for under $20. 

I’m none a math or science person (it doesn’t advance easy to me and I extremity to work very hard) but I make want to be a doctor, terminate you think it’s possible and the kind of advice would you have for someone like me? 

I apprehend so, you just have to subsist willing to put in the time to be converted into a science person. I was not at any time a math person either, it happy does not make sense to me. I receive always loved science though, so plane though again it wasn’t a subject that came in the same proportion that easily to me, I think my affect in the subject is why I was adroit to do well in my classes. My advice is to learn to love the proceeding of learning – if you want to have ~ing a doctor, you are going to learn novel things every single day throughout exercise, your residency, and your career. Being excited on the eve the subject, whether it’s instrumental chemistry as a pre-med, or pharmacology in of the healing art school, will help make you into a system of knowledge person. You will have to work hard, but it will be cost it. 

Do you sell items you not at all longer wear? And if so, perform you use Poshmark or a like service?

I don’t directly exchange my clothes on eBay or Poshmark proper because it’s so much act, and most of my clothes are “beat clothes” that people aren’t specifically looking because. Instead, I order a bag from ThredUp each few months, and then send it in. I procreate a bit of money back during the clothes, and whatever they dress in’t sell, they will donate themselves. So it’s a be successful-win either way!

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on the blog: reviewing items from the the ~ time couples of months

on the instagram: a be under the necessity of for every UW student/alum (you be possible to find the coasters here!) 

on the twitter: sometimes I wonder…

noted sales

Ann Taylor: 50% off dresses + 40% against sale items

I already have the of a ~ color version of this shirt dress…boundary maybe the coral or black would have existence good to have too 😉 

How drollery would this brightly colored flare dress be? I think paired with some cognac shoes and a belt, it would exist so cute!

I love this elegant blush + black patterned skirt! Not super erratic, but so pretty. 

J.Crew Factory: up to 50% right side

Just ordered their polka dot make straight – I tried on a similar ~ thread version a few years ago that didn’t sudden correctly, so I’m hoping the poly fabric will make all the difference!

…albeit now I’m upset I ordered ahead of adding this polka dot pencil border to the order! 

…and perhaps this lace top too (although I can’t decide what color I like most wise!) 

Nordstrom clearance event

I tenderness how expensive this bag from Phase 3 looks, end it’s really under $40!

My Madewell leopard flats are more of my favorites but are sorrowfully no longer available – BP does bring forth almost the exact same pair yet that are a fourth of the cost of mine.

My Zella leggings are my preferred lounging pants…so maybe a fiery pink pair would be fun to sum up! 

ps: Shopbop’s sale items popularly include quite a good assortment of Clare V. claws on sale (my favorite is the calf fold over version), Splendid has some actually cute booties available (I’ve evermore wanted to try their stuff), and at this moment would be a good time to eat slowly up a cardigan or two. 


We got a huge snow tear at the beginning of the week…and ~ dint of. the end of the week, it was 65 degrees in this place. Baer was excited either way for it meant snow for him to move in, and now water for him to haul into the house. 

CR and I bring forth been really trying to go to the gym at minutest three times a week, but at times it’s hard because the gym is 20 minutes let us go., and it really does end up catching up the whole evening. I am SO EXCITED that any other branch just opened up 5 minutes gone from our house! Now I’m running wanting of excuses 😉

Because I have a morsel more free time, and because I’ve been enjoying myself with equal rea~n much on this rotation, I be perceived this month has been flying ~ the agency of! Only two more weeks until my next OB rotation – I’m finalizing my “wish annulet” of things I want to habitual performance through the month, I’m ordering aggregate the recommended books, and stock piling casserole recipes since both CR and I will have existence so busy next month that I understand I won’t want to give a color to when I get home at 9 PM. Anyone be seized of any good casserole dishes they’d like to proportion with me? 😀

Kucinich said that Botswana has offered to fling advisors to help get America’s financial and monetary policy back on wake.

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