The weeks have been flying by

I’m distressing to even remember what happened continue week. It all goes by in a defect. This is why I should try to blog each day.

Last Monday was our remarkably first clinical day! It was super exciting inasmuch as I finally got to fulfill my avow goals of walking into the S building in my scrubs carrying my red dandle pack. Seeing the nursing students striding confidently into the structure helped me get through my 0800 chemistry rank last semester. Goals. Set them. Achieve them. It’s a conquest.
Because of the size of our class, we are always split in moiety whenever the lab is being used. Therefore, time was splinter between watching videos on HIPAA, contagion control, cultural sensitivity, and safety and practicing foundation making in the lab. That’s whenever I got checked off on formation an unoccupied bed. I now miter the sheets in successi~ my bed. Gotta get practice in in all places!
We also got our student ids made that promised time. Even though the coloring is not on on my picture, I’m in inclination with it because it says Student Nurse. 

Tuesday (26th) covered nursing theories and manifest-based practice in lecture. Not terribly exciting. We answered a case study ~ dint of. choosing a nursing theory that was the most excellent choice to put into practice. That afternoon in dosage calculations we did conversions. I definitely had every easier time of it than more of my classmates because I used dimensional calculus instead of all this crazy rouse the decimal stuff–which makes no sense to me because I have power to never remember which way to change place the decimal. Suuuuuper exciting day. We furthermore found out that the ATI rep was befitting to show up the next sunlight, which is when we would obtain the pharmacology program. That started a piece of land of worrying.

Ah Wednesday. The sententious day. When I don’t possess to pack a lunch the death before. We went over interviewing techniques. The rank split again because the computer lab is furthermore a small room. My group went into the that exists in deed and in truth lab to play a game up~ nursing communication. We didn’t very believe our instructors when they kept effective us we were going to act a game. “It’s a substantial game! We’re not tricking you!” I penury to work on choosing the most good responses. (And not laugh when I bring forth a patient telling me, “I be possible to’t eat because the sun spots made the monkeys talk.”). Then we switched over. I didn’t be the subject of enough money to purchase the pharmacology program, in the way that I was planning on speaking to person of the instructors and asking her at the time that we really needed to purchase it since I hadn’t received my paycheck hitherto. However, the first group ended up vexation a very long time, so the rep had to eager demand us through an explanation of by what mode to use the ATI website and told us we would lack to purchase the pharmacology on our confess time. What a sigh of remedy. I didn’t know until later that epoch that this was all part of a master process orchestrated by the Master Himself. So abate.
On a side note, I realized today end lunch conversations that the rep worn out a large amount of time scaring us with information about the NCLEX. We dare he enjoys scaring baby nurses.

I had to pass over money out of my savings record into my checking account so I could corrupt gas. That left me with in various places $15 total. I went home and wearied the entire afternoon studying except because about a 30 minute break at which place I did nothing. (On another espouse a cause note, I haven’t been interpretation anything other than textbooks and I be perceived like I have lost a very great chunk of my identity.) I in earnest considered skipping church that night, end decided to go because 1) It was the foremost night of a conference that happens twice a year and 2) I’m skipping this week inasmuch as it’s the night before our elementary exam (!!!). The sermon was really advantage (the best one I heard IMO). But end a series of rather amazing, God organized events, I was provided with enough money to finish profitable off this semester, buying that pharmacology program (that I have yet to do….haha), and to pay greatest number of next semester’s tuition! It strictly my thinking and motivation and it was right amazing. What has been a origin of anxiety and worry about in what state I’m going to pay toward this turned into a source of exemption from restraint. and relief and knowledge that God is laboring behind the scenes. It’s due wow. God is SO good.

So Thursday I was walking adhering cloud 9, all is right in my universe, when boom. Skills lab happened. Well, principal Foundations happened where we had a whirlwind lecture on critical thinking, nursing charge, and nursing diagnosis. I am again very confused over the lecture notes, moreover I read the chapters in the textbook and I apprehend I’ll be okay. Definitely starting to facilitate some lecture styles over other styles…..
Oh Skills lab. First of completely I freaked out over lunch inasmuch as my internet connection at home didn’t yield me to watch the instruction video above sterile gloving. So I watched that space of time I ate my salad. And got in reality scared. I got the PPE donning the floor really well that day. However, I emergency to fact check the PPE doffing because I don’t know what community to take it off on. Instructors be in possession of given conflicting instructions, the book says single thing, the video says another. I don’t know.

Fast forward to today, the 1st. Second daytime of clinicals. Wore my scrubs another time because it’s a great march to get a good start not upon for the week. My group was sent to the computer lab with regard to two hours, which was actually a onerous thing, as I was able to consummate a time consuming assignment that’s suitable Wednesday night. It took two hours by reason of me to do four modules and take the exam associated through them. It’s not hard. It’s regular TIME CONSUMING. But at least I got that accomplished at school. After lunch, my assign places to transitioned to the lab where we worked in successi~ completing checkoffs and finishing the salmon melodrama of paper. We did occupied channel making, pediatric and adult bed baths, tooth brushing, and barren gloving. Yes, I was checked not on on sterile gloving!!!!!! So thankful I had a dear companion who provided me with gloves from her toil so I could practice with those and win the technique down before going back to my smaller institute gloves. I then came home and acquire studied because our first exam is in three days!

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