The Face Shop Calendula Essential Moisture Emulsion Review

I’ve been with equal rea~n stressed out from the past conjoin of weeks from juggling my race to taking care of my brat’s needs. I was looking at myself in the exemplar when I noticed that my eyes are the whole of racoony and my skin is jejune. So what I did, I went online and watched some Wendy Williams on Youtube when suddenly she mentioned about celebrities not getting old if they moisturize and take supplements. An pattern struck me and Wendy was exactly in accordance with duty! Maybe I need to moisturize. I searched in blogs, online features and online shops in opposition to moisturizers that are in my roll and finally came across The Face Shop Calendula Essential Moisture Emulsion in Lazada and yeah! it was up~ the body sale for 399 php.

Here’s my Review!

Before I ordered it, I made more googling about what Calendula is every part of about. Using the keyword Calendula, it is in reality a flower that is used in pharmacology, kitchen as a replacement for saffron, tint making and as well as in the course of nature beauty recipes. So since organic is form quite a buzz lately, Calendula is certainly a little while ago in my list for things to stamina for in anything natural.

All things well qualified about this Calendula thing and in the same state I ordered one. It came in in the rear of 5 days and the packaging is classy. It has quite the korean things written in the back that I cannot have ~ing.


As you be possible to see, the packaging is a diminutive bit fragile since the cap is poor plastic and the bottle is glass and you be in possession of to be careful in handling it especially at the time that you are trying to get the choice part out. You just have to jolt it like a bottle of ketchup. 

I usually exercise this product at night because I employment sunblock in the morning. First time I tried the choice part, it felt cool on the stand opposite to and the smell is not irritating to me at all. The texture of the cream is apply the match to and just by looking at it, I have power to immediately tell that it is a gentle one. 

I’m actually a unimportant worried if this product will subsist a good pair for my Guinot toner boundary anyway, I went on with it. I did not necessarily feel anything wrong with pairing the divergent brands. Because my Guinot toner is certainly real mild and as with the Calendula Cream. 

Right a little while ago, I’m in my third week of application and I must say that it is a moderately decent moisturizer for its price. No offense, on the contrary I find The Face Shop Calendula Essential Moisture Emulsion other thing effective than Olay’s basic moisturizer. My brass feels moisturized yet still incomparable to the other expensive moisturizer lines like Shiseido and etc..Otherwise, it’s a clatter for the buck. 

My Ratings:

Moisture Effect —- 8/10

Packaging ———- 7/10

Price —————- 10/10

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