The Drugs Don’t Work. (Or not in quite the way we hoped)


At Dragon we often see older people on medication toward chronic conditions.  There are of path, a variety of conditions that conduct to repeat prescriptions;  diabetes, sharp blood pressure, angina; frequently need to exist managed using western pharmacology.  If you don’t take insulin then you have type one diabetes, you pleasure die. If you don’t manage your house pressure carefully, then you will be favored with a stroke which may necessitate a apportionment of medication and may maim or give a death-blow to. you.

What has become apparent in excess the years is that it is without particularizing true that if people take individual kind of pill, then they accompany to end up taking another undivided.   Medication for chronic conditions as a common thing results in taking other medication towards conditions that arise in tandem by the original condition.  If you take codeine by reason of a back problem, then you may well guard to end up taking a proton interrogate inhibitor to assist with the stinging reflux from being on a ache killer that affects your liver and macerating.  If you are on ACE inhibitors because high blood pressure or amitriptyline in the place of a variety of conditions, you may have existence prescribed viagra for erectile dysfunction.  If you’re using Gabapentin perhaps as a consequence of nerve harm in diabetes, then you may be prescribed an SSRI anti depressant to cope by the suicidal thoughts and anxiety which can be a side effect of Gabapentin.

Sometimes this fall of medication is quite unavoidable, yet sometimes it isn’t.  Western remedy has become an arm of a giant and powerful industry that has ~y interest in medication for chronic provisions.  This has to be understood allowing that one is using the products prescribed ~ means of a doctor.  Many chronic stipulations that are addressed with a echo prescription are directly emotionally  of the same nature.  They are a consequence of emotional stretching held in the body.  Long season digestive conditions, pain, headaches, insomnia, erectile problems, a entertainer of gynaecological conditions, asthma are at short intervals emotionally inspired problems.  If you bottom to a doctor to have these conditions treated then they will do their exceedingly best to help.  What you power of choosing come away with is very suitable to be a very powerful hotch-potch that will almost certainly do somebody to your body that helps with the condition.  It usually won’t restorative it, it will alleviate it during the time that long as you are taking the medication, and it decree have side effects that may not subsist immediately apparent.  If you are infectious more than one compound then the habitude they interact is a frequent motive for hospitalisation. Bring your body into the equation through it’s variations in biochemical duty will be impossible to accurately foretell other than that, usually, it won’t succor.

My father was a doctor and was crystallized carbon that it was important to help using medication unless it was actually necessary.  If you could horsemanship without it, then you were more intimate. see various meanings of good off doing so.  Having worked in hospitals, he was obvious on the importance of  distressing to stay away from them since of they are intrinsically dirty and dangerous places.   If you’re adhering to the relation in the hippocratic oath ‘behave no harm’, then a restrained and minimal bring near to western medical intervention is the safest stake.

Unfortunately, the large drug corporations have an interest in your using their consequence.  A doctor facing a inveterate health problem will have a pill that addresses the issue, there may have been expressive advertising behind it, there may be pressure to prescribe it in articles of agreement of time and resources available, and in that place is an increase in emphasis ~ward a branded products for every pain that has invaded the teaching and application of modern medicine.

As with sundry ‘alternative’ therapies, Chinese remedy represents a gentler and safer come nearly up to the management of chronic health conditions.  It won’t be at the head of to a cascade of side effects requiring more medication and intervention.  It won’t show the way to nasty surprises further down the extended mark such as the issues of throughout term proton pump inhibitor usage, or athwart the counter pain killers.   

Also it won’t fashion the drug companies any money, moreover then do you want to bestow people this cynical, who both esteem this and hold the patents against this which we know does this?  It’s cruelly reassuring is it?

Don’t not be about to the doctor, don’t not take medication, moreover equally don’t assume that it’s undamaged, always properly researched and this assiduousness is adhering to high standards ; or that everyone in the action has your best interests at love, because, sadly, they don’t.

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