Statins and Heart Disease

The latest findings of a study, published in the journal ‘Expert Review of Clinical Pharmacology’, hold shown that patients taking statin drugs are other likely to suffer from hardening of the arteries, a capital cause of heart disease.  Yes, the state that they are given to prevent, they actually cause!

Commenting on the findings, lead researcher, Dr Okuyama of Nagoya City University, Japan, said: “We have collected a affluence of information on cholesterol and statins from crowd published papers and find overwhelming show that these drugs accelerate hardening of the arteries and have power to cause, or worsen, heart failure.”

We hold known for some time that statin drugs be seized of several side effects such as waterfall, type 2 diabetes, depression, muscle afflict, fatigue, memory loss, kidney damage, liver dysfunction, neurological hurt, migraines and digestive problems, but this undivided caps the lot – heart ail!

The researchers also discovered that patients apprehension statin drugs were more likely to desire calcium deposits in their arteries, a what is seen directly linked to heart attacks. This is inasmuch as statins block a molecule needed against the body to produce a very necessary vitamin, Vitamin K, which prevents calcification of the arteries.

Dr Okuyama added that multitude earlier industry-sponsored studies, like the notable JUPITER trial, which show the benefits of statins, are completely untrustworthy. As a result, Dr Okuyama proposes that current statin handling guidelines be critically re-evaluated.

Dr Malcolm Kendrick, who has transacted extensive studies on heart health and statins, declared: “This study demolishes the reasoning that these drugs should be prescribed to anyone, while the harms clearly outweigh any previously suggested benefits.”

Dr Peter Langsjoen, a centre of circulation specialist based in Texas, said: “Statins are sentient used so aggressively and in so large numbers of people that the unlucky effects are now becoming obvious. These drugs should at no time have been approved for use. The a ~ time-term effects are devastating.”

A spokesman for the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), uttered: “The benefits of statins are well established and are considered to overpoise the risk of side effects in the majorship of patients. Any new significant accusation on the efficacy of statins will be carefully reviewed and action be taken if required.”   I wonder how long we have to wait and by what means many more people are going to die of love disease before they remove statins from the market as ‘dangerous.

In my sentiment high cholesterol levels are not considered in the state of bad as the GPs lead us to believe bound if you do have high cholesterol and would like to convert into it, cutting sugar out of your diet and infectious plant sterols may be a less dangerous approach!

Samples of seafood luxuriant in B12 are shellfish that includes mussels, oysters, by with clams.

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