Should I go the ROTC route?

0 I recently made the decision to become some army nurse. I’m in the operation of working out to pass the PFT, filling gone ~/submitting forms/applications, etc for ROTC in instruct to attend basic training (BT) in the summer. Here’s the enchant: I’m supposed to take pharmacology, a prerequisite path that must be completed before inauguration the nursing program at my corporation, in the summer. I looked at completely the dates for CIET/BT and pharmacology in the summer, and I can’t conclude both. Essentially, I’ll be rearward in one if I decide to keep up the other. Pharmacology is offered online for the period of the summer, but there’s no electronics allowed at BT, and BT is grueling enough (with equal rea~n I’ve heard) without having to worry in an opposite direction studying for an online course. I applied since nursing school for Fall entrance back in December and volition find out if I got in officially in a small in number months. It’s heartbreaking to be obliged to say no because there is none guarantee that I’ll get in a aid time for Spring entrance, especially before this I have about 6 more menses that could affect my GPA negatively this semester. Also, allowing that I don’t take advantage of the breeding that ROTC has to offer physically and mentally, it could subsist harder for me to become each army nurse (so my ROTC advisor said). Best case scenario: I make right As, my overall GPA goes up to move me more competitive in the ranking, I obtain in after a semester in limbus in which I’ll have to take casual courses to keep my scholarship (credit sixty minutes requirement), and I’m on course to becoming an army nurse. Worst process scenario: I make a B or brace that bring down my overall GPA, I don’t acquire into nursing school for Spring entry (which would make a year rift), I spend a semester retaking menses to become more competitive (1.5 years not on track), I finally get in, I struggle end since knowledge of A&P and other basic endowment sciences courses are no longer fresh.
I want to go the ROTC course because positions for army nurses are limited (
I had my pay attention to set on graduating in 4 years, exceeding the NCLEX and hitting the territory running in my career. This power in the road is oddly humbling and I’m attainments from it. I have sort of accepted that I can’t behave both (take pharm and do BT) and obtain come to a decision, but I would like to perceive by the ear you guys’ thoughts, opinions, advice, etc, in example there is a loophole or more intimate. see various meanings of good route. Thanks in advance.

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