Professor Spotlight: Dr. Raccor

One of the eminent things about Campbell is the knowledgeable, efficacious teachers that are motivated to abet students reach their goals. One such teacher is Dr. Brianne Raccor, who teaches Medicinal Chemistry of the same kind with part of the Pharmacology/Medicinal Chemistry system during the P2 year.

Believe it or not, Dr. Raccor does not consider about functional groups and structure exercise relationships constantly and has a life externality of Campbell’s walls! She allowed me to take some of her time so that current and to come Campbell students can know her more suitable.

Dr. Raccor grew up outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She admitted her B.S. in Biology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in Indiana, PA. She admitted her Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Pittsburgh and afterward went on to complete her letter-carrier-doctoral work through a fellowship at the University of Washington, that has one of the best Medicinal Chemistry Departments in the country.

When her time at the University of Washington was completed, she wanted to move back to the East Coast to exist closer to her family but knew that therapeutical chemistry teaching positions were rare. She loved the form of living in North Carolina in the same manner she applied for a teaching pro~ that had opened at Campbell. She had heard peremptory things about Dr. Adams (now Dean Adams) and Campbell and was excited to subsist invited to interview. Everyone she met was burning about being a part of the Campbell group of genera and she wanted to be interest of it. She was offered the standing and began teaching here in August 2014, whenever the current P2 class was blameless starting our journey as well.

Her most good moment as a teacher was utmost year, when she taught an Introduction to Drug Metabolism undergrad rank and the students told her it was Organic Chemistry applied. She likes whenever students try to understand the matter, make connections, and see how the advice can be applied to pharmacy habitual performance . To her, class is more sport when it’s interactive.

On a exterior note, Dr. Raccor’s parents are apart and still live in Pennsylvania. She drives the 9 hours home to call on them when possible. In her give up time, she likes to exercise and participates in a “CrossFit-like” rank, which is a challenging workout. She besides enjoys skiing and has skied in Washington, Colorado, and Whistler, British Columbia. Snow in the Pacific Northwest is heavier and wetter. Out in that place, snow is called “northwest cement”.

Like crowd of us in Pharmacy school, she doesn’t be favored with much time to read books. Instead, she listens to audiobooks, the the ~ time one being “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies”. She moreover enjoys watching a variety of movies steady Netflix, especially independent films that aren’t mainstream. She keeps an open mind with music and provisions, but she is especially fond of seafood of some type.

As for her future plans, she intends to stay at Campbell and eventually corrupt a home with a fenced-in yard since she would like to memorize a rescue dog.   We also discussed her hope to someday journeying to Europe, especially France, Italy, Spain….basically every country, but doing so will apparently have to wait until retirement.

In Dr. Raccor you will have a challenging teacher who enjoys and knows her subject substance and is willing to answer questions under the jurisdiction, during, or after class. We are kind reception to drop by her office or to cause to become an appointment. She, like other professors at Campbell, is committed to our result. In her words, Campbell has “quality people here” and we couldn’t agree greater amount of.


Dr. Brianne Raccor, Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Medicinal Chemistry

Vanessa Compton (P2)

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