Moving Along

During this above week, I finished my second-to-remain block of medical school. I was moreover admitted to the biomedical engineering Ph.D. program which I will be starting this advent fall. And I began putting unitedly an F30 application for NIH funding.

Not simply are things moving along for me, unless also for some of the chiefly important people in my life. One of my with most propriety friends got a girlfriend – from being single for over 5 years. My inventor had a successful departmental review. And my sister got into corporation.

For the past two years I’ve felt like I have been entombed in a mould of ice. Like I’ve been trapped in stasis. Medical seminary has been my life. The studying, testing, studying, testing, studying. There receive been parts that I’ve in fact loved. Things that I’ve veritably enjoyed learning. There also have been some pretty challenging circumstances. Overall it’s been a pretty large time; it also feels refreshing to behold the end in site and to subsist moving on to a different phasis of my life.

In another month and a moiety I will complete my medical denomination coursework, then take my first licensing exam, face to face with proceeding on to my Ph.D. in biomedical engineering. I’m really excited for the first phase of this shifting, during which I will be distress classes in modern algebra, operating systems, counterpart programming, MRI physics, RF coil engineering, etc.  I friendship the biology/physiology/pathology/pharmacology that we learn in of the healing art school. But I’ve really also been missing the more mathematically involved subjects. So its going to have existence great to be able to receive back to that.

In terms of relationships, I for good feel like I have some time to raise meeting women. I went to a professional mixer endure week and met a nice maid. We’ve been exchanging emails. It determination be interesting to see where it whole goes!

Things are finally starting to induce forward. I’ve survived – physically and mentally – the kind of some consider to be the hardest appearance of the joint degree program. Thank God!

New Year resolutions, side by side with wanting to start 12 months anew, starting as many people mean to be off with.

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