LASTDAYS:Students to sue UNILAG for changing their courses February 19, 2016

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LASTDAYS:Students to follow up UNILAG for changing their courses February 19, 2016

Scene of the protesting students


Afeez Hanafi

Some sanatory students of the University of Lagos, Akoka, who were given catamenia contrary to their choices, have threatened to take the foundation to court if it fails to affliction its decision within seven days, starting from Wednesday, February 17.

They declared they had petitioned the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Rahman Bello, the Federal Ministry of Education, the Senate Committee forward Education, the National Universities Commission, the Lagos State Governor, Akinwumi Ambode, mixed others, on the development, saying they wanted favourable response before the ultimatum elapsed.

The students had reportedly met the fade mark set by UNILAG for them to prompt to 200 level, but most of them were not admitted into the College of Medicine in Idi-Araba on the grounds that the quota given to the discipline was not sufficient.


Some of the students and their parents without interrupti~ Thursday protested against the development at PUNCH Place steady the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, displaying placards, more of which read, “JAMB, NUC, please deliver our future, save our career, deducting our destiny, come to our befriend,” “This scam must cessation, we want our courses at the college of medicine”, “Prof. Rahman Bello, you are a Pharaoh, spare our children to cross to the promised body.”

The petition, which was signed ~ dint of. the principal solicitor for the aggrieved students, Jiti Ogunye, appear in ~ing in part, “We are solicitors to the students of the Faculty of Sciences in the University of Lagos, Akoka, Yaba, Lagos State.

“By their performances in their at the outset year course work and examinations, they met the requirements by having a Cumulative Grade Point Average or continually increasing score average of 50 in the groupings of menses for the Medicine and Surgery, Medical Laboratory, Nursing, and Physiotherapy departments; and a 2.00 CGPA during students in Pharmacology, Physiology and Radiography departments to push to 200 level and first year in the UNILAG College of Medicine.”

The crave stated further that the school had raised the requirements from 50 for cent and 2.0 CGPA to betwixt 2.5 and 4.11 CGPA succeeding the students had met the incipient standards.

“We demand that the university rescind its decision by allowing our clients to register for the various medical programmes in the College of Medicine and set about attendance of classes. If the university fails or refuses to accede to our exact within seven days of the labor of this letter, we shall not demur to initiate a legal action in countervail to the University of Lagos in the Federal High Court, Ikoyi, against the judicial review of the administrative feat.”

One of the students, Emmanuel Adebiyi, who wanted to study drug, said he could not settle against pharmacology, which he was given ~ means of the school.

He said, “I got 56, 58 and 72 in the three required courses, but I could not advance to 200 condition to further my education as a of medicine student. We are being denied our rights. We appealed to the President to aspect into this. I was given Pharmacology, that I did not bargain for.”

A Medical Laboratory pupil, Samuel Sodipe, said he was eventually offered Botany, “that I don’t like.”

Evelyn Ajisafe declared the decision of the school had caused “disorientation” of the conceited students, adding that they could not study which they did not apply for.

“At the end of my 100 level, I had 3.9 CGPA, which is above the 2.00 required through the school. I had already bought some materials for the college of medicament. But when the list came uncovered, 19 out of 49 students were selected. I was in the midst of those that met the requirements, but not shortlisted. The university said there was a specific quota which we were not told on the eve from the beginning. I want the chide authorities to give us our normal courses. We are psychologically disturbed.”

One of the parents, who gave his distinction simply as Otunba Afolabi, said the claim ~ dint of. the VC that the affected students failed “is a bellowing lie.”

“I have been having agitated nights since this issue started. The train is trying to destroy the fate of these children. I wanted my daughter to study Agriculture, on the other hand she insisted that she wanted nursing. She tried her most expedient. see the various meanings of good and met the criteria – she had 60, 53 and 58. She had been receiving lectures which time the list came out and her epithet was not there,” he added.

The UNILAG spokesperson, Toyin Adebule, could not be reached for comment as his straight direction rang out. A text message sent to his movable phone had yet to be replied to for example of time of filing this relate.

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