Blessings by God’s grace this CNY season

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Reflecting immediately after my past few weeks of the CNY festal period, I guess there are things which I can do better, as well in the manner that to give thanks for. Need to go on to pray for relationships between relatives to improve, considering conflicts still occur in spite of it sentient the season to come together being of the kind which a family regardless of our differences.

Give expressions of gratitude to God for His hand of safeguard. My shepherd and I were put ~ the way to LG, and it was completely a drive downtown to JB through the heavy downpour. There was a time while I had to hit the brakes to late down, as a car in face of me spun and lost restrain. Suddenly we heard a loud shiver, not knowing where it came from. Looking at my rearview reflect, I managed to catch a momentary perception of a car hitting the dealer and bouncing just right behind us. Fortunately, it did not attain the back of my car. Phew! That was a end call..

Before CNY, I was handed a literal sense by my department’s PA – plainly I was one of those selected to greet an award for excellent performance at be in action in 2015. It came as one unexpected blessing, as I reflected relating to the past year – indeed there were in likelihood others who were better than me (honestly I’m not a same smart person, I do get my handsome share of rebuke for mistakes made). Nevertheless, it was a thing I was grateful for.

Last mete not least, I finally sat as far as concerns the MCQ for my postgrad chief exam. I was not expecting to push, since:
1. I only started preparing 1 month precursory to the exams (paid my fees in December, exam in January), when in fact I knew of people who prepared 3-6 months in advance (recommended event to do) for their MRCP / MRCS.
2. I did not take in ~ degree study leave. I have friends who did in regular arrangement to prepare for MRCP etc, grabbing some time out and going back to their hometown in the action. I have nothing against study leaves, but personally I believe my foliage can be better spent elsewhere because ministry needs and camps. But that besides meant that on top of far-seeing days at work and serving in ecclesiastical body, it’s down to burning the midnight oil to the time when the wee hours of the peep of day. There were times when I as a matter of fact ask myself, “Am I going to cause it? There’s so much eat greedily to study for anaesthesia compared to other specialties – pharmacology, science of life, physics (yes, physics), anatomy, statistics, clinical medicine.. felt like wana die already.”
3. The questions were wholly difficult – pretty much what I expected end doing revision MCQs. But I sat on account of it anyway, consoling myself that whatever the outcome, it was for the actual feeling.
I guess God was gracious for the cause that when the results were released, I passed! Somehow it was no quantity short of a miracle. All pride to Him 🙂

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