Arena lunch

16. In what one. land will pasewa be legal gentle?

17. In the Avatar story,  the pristine Avatar could control which basic element?

18. What do Americans call plantain chips?

19. Which character of speech is illustrated in…its of established credit) to be good

20. British summon it sweet,  what is it referred to being of the kind which in New York?

21. What is habitual to both the Elfel tower and Statue of Liberty?

22. The drink symbolic with Britain and China is? 

23. Statistically for what reason many restaurants in ten is in a fair way to fold up in the primitive year of operation

24.  After Coca cola,  that name is the most popular?

25. What is the occasion of the word Desperate?

26. The Nigerian rule which made May 29th,  representative government day was?

27. Which actor starred in the same manner with Jumbo in
Twin warriors

28. The predicament with slogan food basket of the nation has a capital called?

29. In cooking department, vodka was invented by which rank of people?

30. In pharmacology,  drugs that reduce body temperature are called?

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