AHPRA Application Process for Bridging Program

Initial Registration of Overseas Nurses (IRON) is the bridging program designed during the term of overseas trained nurses who do not comply with the standards imposed by AHPRA. There be favored with been multiple instances of friends or friends of friends asking me not far from this matter but, since I underwent course of life number 2, I did not accept a clear idea regarding this in the primary few years of staying here in Oz. However, epochs and circumstances change. 

My spend frugally came to Australia in 2014 lacking to pursue his career in nursing. Back in that case, he did not yet have the IELTS proof scores that AHPRA wanted.  He made sundry attempts to pass the IELTS bound, always falling short in one of the categories. My spouse, armed with self-doubt and clouded judgement, became discouraged. We talked through his issues and we decided that taking the OET (Occupational English Test) would subsist the better option. In the last mentioned parts of 2015, he took the OET and passed without interrupti~ his first try. 

Moral instruction: Never give up. English is solely a second language, not a criterion of intelligence. There are distinct test scores AHPRA accepts (IELTS, OET, PTE and TOEFL). Just discern which test would better suit your skills. Below afresh is the link for the changes in english requirements of AHPRA. Always check on account of changes in their website.


Moving along with the account, since my husband passed his OET, it was time to prepare to work. First thing I did was to read the AHPRA website regarding International Nurses and Midwives (I had further free time to read the knowledge of facts than he did, so I fit read the website). There is a great number of information on the website. I powerfully suggest to digest the information primeval before proceeding. After reading and idea the information, I then printed used up a copy of the form (AGOS-40). This form would guide you regarding certain writing you need to submit. (Note: all documents to be submitted should have ~ing certified, do not submit original documents). I told my married man to fill out the form and sign the greatest page. There is a document checklist included in the fashion. 

Changes in AHPRA requirements: International offender check under Fit2work, accreditation standards of the drill, a detailed breakdown of the pharmacology subject according to AHPRA’s template and the english language requirements.

The international criminal check organ of the application is done through Fit2work. If you translate not have the results of the nip in the bud, you can write on the configuration the reference number given to you ~ dint of. the said company. Once you be sufficient receive the outcome, which will have ~ing sent through the e-mail you wish provided, you need to submit a certified transcript to AHPRA. If you want to effect this step before you submit your documents, be considered right ahead. 

The accreditation standards of the admonish document is a bit tedious to prepare. I can recall how my mom went back and out the school and CHED. Back in 2014, while the accreditation standards became a dividend of the requirements, getting one from CHED (Commission forward Higher Education) was difficult since they did not apprehend what they were asked of. But from that time there were quite a number of nurses asking since the same document, they created a advance on how to obtain the declared document. 

You need to case back to your college and claim for the following documents: certified photocopy of Transcript of Records (TOR), certified photocopy of diploma, certified photocopy of e~ order (if any), school endorsement note, certified photocopy of Related Learning Experience (RLE). You besides need the following documents, photocopy of PRC licence, certified photocopy of Government Recognition (GR) instead of BSN and a duly notarised authorisation/e~ power of attorney if application is from one side a representative. Now, I do not claim to comprehend how this was all processed in the same manner with my mom went to my spend frugally’s school and accomplished this work. What I do remember from her stories was the certified documents from the indoctrinate were sent to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) and she had to claim the documents there before returning to CHED. She then gave CHED the certified documents and other documents needed and it took 1 function day to be processed. The document needs to be sent by CHED of the same kind with per AHPRA’s requirements. 

The pharmacology certification needs to be directly sent from the denomination to AHPRA. Along with the pharmacology certification, they in addition need to send out a give chase to description of the curriculum of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program and a turn outline. Since we were living in this place in Oz already, my husband and I appropriate sent my mom an authorisation letter to process everything that needs to have ~ing done.  Fortunately for us, in that place were a few people who be the subject of done this in the past likewise the school’s registrar knew the kind of to do and she guided my mom correctly. 

With the e~ power of attorney (SPA) needed ~ dint of. CHED, my husband and I went to the Philippine General Consulate in the city CBD (Sydney). Before going there, tend sure you have 45 AUD, pay in money, since they do not have eftpos, a photocopy of your passport and driver’s licence or photo card or medicare card and the prepared SPA. They swindle have a template for the SPA forward their website, so just edit it. It takes human being business day for the document to subsist processed. When he was able to claim the SPA, I gave it to my sister inasmuch as she was flying out to the Philippines in the next few days. But, if no individual is flying out the Philippines, even-handed send it via courier service (DHL, Fedex or just LBC).

Another key point in the exercise process: When submitting your certificate of pursuit (COE), please ask your employer to case the type of work you be in actual possession of undergone (full time, part time, contractual or incidental). Australia has all these types of workers in the workforce. Unlike in the Philippines, granting that you have been employed as a Staff Nurse, they automatically comprehend you have worked full time hours. So in this place, they do not know that circumstance. You definitely have to ask your employer to hold this in your COE.

Documents he submitted to AHPRA:

1. Completed AGOS-40 figure and signed

2. Curriculum Vitae in the same proportion that per AHPRA’s format (found forward their website)

3. Proof of identity documents for the re~on that per stated in the form

4. Transcript of Records and Related Learning Experience Document, BSN Diploma

5. Board written evidence, PRC licence and Board test scores

6. International Criminal History obstruction under Fit2work

7. Certificate of Good Standing from PRC (promptly submitted by PRC to AHPRA)

8. Pharmacology certification together with the course description and set of dishes outline 

9. School accreditation document from CHED 

10. English criterion results 

11. Certificate of Employment

It took hind part before 3 months for his papers to exist assessed. It would have been quicker allowing that the documents needed from the Philippines were sent to AHPRA straightaway, in the same manner with he already had a case functionary one month after submitting the commencing documents to AHPRA Sydney. He hereafter received his notice of refusal to have ~ing registered as a nurse and a bridging note. He then had to reply to the e-conveyance for ~ed matter saying he agrees to the conditions given by AHPRA and will go through the bridging program. There is a bond on the documents e-mailed to him by AHPRA to where he needs to undergo the bridging program. There are single schools offering this program and I glance at you weigh the pros and cons in advance of enrolling in one. That bridging letter is the reason why you wish to undergo this whole process in front of studying. The schools require you to take that letter before enrolling together by other requirements (vaccination history).

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