Adrenergic and Cholinergic confusion!

0 I be in actual possession of a pharmacology exam covering, among ~ people other things, adrenergic and cholinergic drugs approach up on Monday. I’ve been studying and studying, and I’m exact as confused as when I began.

Is anyone good to break this down in simpler stipulations for me?
How do you be sure if a drug is an alpha agonist/antagonist, and whether it has its movables on alpha 1 or alpha 2?

How conclude you know if a drug is a beta agonist/competitor, and whether it exerts its furniture on beta 1 or beta 2?

I’ve learned my textbook, my notes, and everything I can find online, and I’m ever just so confused! Anyone have a determined course to make sense of this complaint?!


These physical cravings can concede a user to believe that he or she physically of necessity the drug in order to ~ of “normal” or well.

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