2016 Malis Lecture: ‘The Healing Process: What is Therapeutic in Psychotherapy?’

Newell-FischerJoin the Humanities Department conducive to the 2016 Bernard J. Malis Memorial Lecture entitled, “The Healing Process: What is therapeutic in Psychotherapy?” on Tuesday, April 5, from 4 to 5 p.m., in the McNeil Science and Technology Center at University of the Sciences.

Guest lecturer Dr. Newell Fischer, a psychiatrist and clinical professor of psychiatry at University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, power of choosing detail an extensive case study of a starving juvenile female caught in the “demons” of contemporary human nature. Dr. Fischer’s rate outlines the history of a teenage maid starving to death in “a ocean of plenty.”

From his notes, he describes a uproarious, four-year long course in dynamic psychotherapy. He met through her intensively, conducting four sessions by week. Throughout the process, the young woman grew and was eventually “cured,” yet Dr. Fischer raises the central question—what factors in this treatment were indeed curative? This compelling presentation focusses in c~tinuance his therapeutic relationship to her, and the peculiar aspects that promoted successful results.

The Bernard J. Malis Memorial Lectureship in Humanities was endowed ~ means of Bernard Malis, who graduated from PCPS in 1944 through a BS in pharmacy and in 1947 through an MS in pharmacy. He was a consultant in pharmacology and notorious health, and was chair of the Philadelphia chapter of the Explorers Club. In 1989, Malis was elected a fellow of Royal Society of Arts.

This incident is free and open to the common. For more information on this lecturing, please contact 215-596-8895 or email (c.granic@usciences.edu)

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