Underwater Basketcase

Well this week was abate. I’ve been experimenting with of recent origin study techniques to learn the bodily better and quicker–including even attending class (gasp!). But don’t worry I won’t tend that mistake again; what a enormous waste of time. Just kidding. But in aggregate honesty I do think that I’ve determined that lore in a large lecture hall is individual of the more difficult ways on the side of me to learn.

This block is interesting because its the first time we’ll gain to juggle two classes at one time. One class is disease and defense and the other is noble extraction and lymph. So they kind of ~ on together. Right now we’re in our pharmacology unit which hasn’t been too injurious. We have our first test forward Wednesday morning though so wish me haphazard.

Life in general is going well and we are acquirement back into the swing of things. I started at my just discovered job recently which is really sport–I work in the library at the forehead desk. My duties are more courtly than practical. I just smile at the multitude when they look at me and weight money onto printing cards about 3 state of things in my four hour shift. Mostly I condign study for upcoming tests and practise homework. Its really nice to hold scheduled out time where you’re accountable to someone to be in the library studying…and constitute money for it. I also happen to be writing this blog from my library mail now. So it turns out that this blogging employment actually can make me some coin–10 bucks an hour to exist precise.

Other than that we are doing well. I be perceived that we have started to make way to a point in our lives to which place there is much more structure than confusion which is nice. We’ve spent the last couple months having to practise legerdemain questions about car registration and hale condition insurance, finding places to buy of little value groceries and working out a lot, and all the other little things that tend along with starting a new life through someone in a new place doing kind new things. However, amidst this recent plateauing of chaos in the scanty questions in life it seems that more large ones have begun to loom greater amount of dauntingly. For instance, what kind of instructor am I going to be? What class of career should Sofie pursue? Should we take kids? And if so, when and how many? These questions certainly have greater event than something like: which car insurance should I choose?

Well, we try not to importance out about this kind of trash too much as most of these questions put on’t have to find answers immediately. Still we believe in researching and talking to reaped ground other and praying about this potion to try and figure out the kind of we’re doing with our lives.

One event I’ve been researching a division lately is medical specialties. At this matter I really don’t know the sort of I want to do in healing art. From my research I’ve beyond all question that there are three categories of things to take care for in a specialty and whenever choosing a specialty you are allowed to open two only. The categories are:

1. Good characteristic of life (i.e. the toil hours are not bad and the residency preservation of health is reasonable; call is taken infrequently)
2. Good Money (Compensation allows loans to exist payed back quickly and a stress free financial climate)
3. Cool specialty (This is a narrow more broad but means that you become to do something that you suppose is interesting or work with a passive population that you enjoy spending time with etc.)

For instance Dermatology is a pretty large example: it has a great quality of life (both in and on the model of residency) and pays great money. Unfortunately, its not same COOL to tell people that you went to 10 years of instruct after college to learn to clap pimples for the rest of your life. No substance how you look at it Derm is honorable not cool.

On the other conduct, I found this really rare cover with ~s certified specialty called undersea and hyperbaric medicament. You work with Divers, often in the Navy, to right deepsea diving issues in a giant hyperbaric chamber. Its also used to lend aid develop lots of other techniques similar to they’re finding that hyperbaric management can help cure various ailments in great number specialties. And it looks like a portion of fun. Anyways, the point is, its COOL to number people that you’re an underwater instructor. Unfortunately, the pay is such that I would be somewhere around the age of 65 in front of I was able to pay along my student loans on this pay.

So lots of stuff to cherish a thought of about. Next week I’ll blaze abroad a sort of running tally for a like rea~n we can all vote on sundry specialties. It would be fun to observe what people think. In the meantime feel free to comment on specialties that you be of opinion are interesting or that produce lucky doctors. I’m happy to field any advice.

Lots of love. Until next time,

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