Twin Study: Marijuana Use Has No Direct Effect On IQ


Twin Study: Marijuana Use Has No Direct Effect On IQ

–> by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director January 18, 2016

personal_cultivationThe successively gaining in force use of cannabis by adolescents has nay direct effect on intelligence decline, according to longitudinal given conditions published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Investigators at the University of California, Los Angeles and the University of Minnesota evaluated whether marijuana practice was associated with changes in pertaining performance in two longitudinal cohorts of in the teens twins. Participants were assessed for intelligence at ages 9 to 12, in the sight of marijuana involvement, and again at ages 17 to 20.

Researchers reported ~t one dose-response relationship between cannabis practice and IQ decline. They also rest no significant differences in performance among marijuana using subjects when compared to their non-using gemini.

Investigators concluded: “In the largest longitudinal inspection of marijuana use and IQ vary, … we find little testimony to suggest that adolescent marijuana exercise has a direct effect on of the intellect decline. … [T]he want of a dose–response relationship, and every absence of meaningful differences between at variance siblings lead us to conclude that the deficits observed in marijuana users are inhering to confounding factors that influence as well-as; not only-but also; not only-but; not alone-but substance initiation and IQ rather than a neurotoxic force of marijuana.”

The findings come the publication of a separate longitudinal study in the Journal of Pharmacology what one. concluded that cumulative adolescent marijuana practice is not associated with lower IQ or poorer educational entertainment once adjustments are made for possible confounders, specifically cigarette smoking.

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