Turning Women Into Men

In today’s blog I project to ruminate around the phenomenon, “Why be possible to’t women be more like men?”  Sad to take for granted, this seems to be a major complaint of many men.  Unfortunately, during the term of this apparent majority of men anyway, the other this conundrum is studied, the in addition, “different” women have been found to be from men.

An example of this mindset it was plant that, in the development of pharmacology, inquiry in determining the safety of drugs ~ the sake of humans, the testing of all drugs was translated using only men. 

Probably, at least since the birth of, “science,” it has commonly been believed that men and women are internally the identical, just their packaging is different!  Going on this indoctrination, many women have gone the way of  trying to turn themselves into men–becoming fighting soldiers, boxers, etc.  (As well during the time that trying to get through that glass ceiling at work!)

The earliest written-about women who rejected the essence of the superiority of men were the Amazons; “(I)n Greek mythology, subordinate part of a race of women warriors. The statement of the Amazons probably originated for the re~on that a variant of a tale renewed in many cultures, that of a reserved land organized oppositely from one’s acknowledge. The ascribed habitat of the Amazons indispensably became more remote as Greek geographic information developed.” (http://www.britannica.com/theme/Amazon-Greek-mythology   It has turn to harder and harder to verify that in that place were indeed such women in the more than–one reference now places them in South America.

The latest bullet fired in this particular war endeavor has been to create an, app, or a thing of some kind, that lets women understand when they have used the expression., “sorry” in an effort to arrive them to stop saying it.  The form is that women are always apologizing–saw “I’m sorry” all the time.  In this see, it is a failing–weakness, (a person of consequence we women have to get superior!) rather than a manifestation of our not warlike natures!

Let us digress somewhat, (Using the accepted anthropological explore that this behavior can be  traced back to the belief that we all are descended from the in good time hunter gatherers.) and talk about natures–women’s natures and men’s intelligent being; it’s been generally thought that timely humans, men and women, bonded to crate a team for survival. Indeed, till about the ’50s, and WWII, in the usual course of things men were thought of as primarily doing the heavy lifting, (preferably in control of all they can see!)  Their wives were expected to stay at home and make light the children.   For example in her youth, the only occupations open to them were as teachers and servants; as soon in the manner that a female married, she was expected to clear work and stay at home. 

(I be under the necessity had a personal suspicion for a ~ing time that Mothers did not beg their young sons to learn in what condition to do practical things around the home in a easy conspiracy to make it necessary concerning them to marry someone to hoax those things for them!)

(But, the sort of about those Chefs!  How is it that, till recently, it was generally believed that the most excellent Chefs are men?!?  What on the eve Julia Child, anyway?  I imagine we females can thank her toward changing all that!)

Then came WWII.  During WWII, it was construct that there were not enough men to try the fortune of arms the war and work in the factories, so began the, Rosie the Riveter campaign to secure the assistance of women in the war effort, and cause to be them to take the place of men in factories. (Much to their horror, after the war, they found that women were opposed to go back to being suitable housewives, married more to housework than their husbands.)

But, hindrance us a do a, “What admitting that!”  Supposing all that “history,” about men’s and women’s roles in the beyond is wrong/skewed?  This skewing has been for the focus of the studies has been the men, and their societies. Of move swiftly, the primary reason for that converging-point, was that it was male anthropologists who did the studying.  (Margaret Mead changed that more or less.) 

Because of that male careful search, a primary belief has been that the principally important members of those early groups were the men; they brought home, “the bacon” (cheer) and were, therefore, the most prominent members of their society, whereas, the women were one adjunct.  Well, unfortunately for that idea, it turns out, these “early humans” were not, “hunter/gatherers,” they were gatherer/hunters.  Women, the perceived “gatherers,” really provided the major food supply, it being the case that meat was merely a nice fill up, occasionally, to the groups diet

In actuality, it has been established that people human societies, in the past, were matriarchal, not patriarchal, in the same manner with we have been programmed to think to be true!  That was, perhaps, a recollection that women have a superior gripe of leadership and social order.

To summarize, in latter research regarding male and females brains, it has been found that they are exceedingly different in their workings, see as far as concerns example: http://www.uphs.upenn.edu/tidings/news_releases/2013/12/verma/,  Also, whereas, it is, currently, generally believed that our material bodies are more similar than manifold, recent discoveries are also calling that trust into question.  Further, without knowledge of the role of DNA in human lives, the fresh scientists trying to determine the active principle of the universe of either men or women are for the re~on that handicapped as the proverbial blind men fatiguing to describe what an elephant looks life!

With that, I extreme point this blog.

Shirley Gallup

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