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0 Hi everyone!
So generally our class is on winter enervate, so yay!lol. But we endurance back in a week and I wanted to pervert with money a few extra books to co-operate with me study (particularly pharmacology, since it’s the hardest) and honorable to have a few extra sources. I am in some LVN program , half way of graduating! in such a manner when we go back to academy, these last months we have left, I wish to work harder, study more efficiently, and outvie in all my classes (I’ve gotten excepting that As and Bs so far, my singly C was our very first pharm class, boo!) but overall I’ve gotten unfeigned grades.
Anyway, some of the books I’ve been thinking of buying are:
Nursing pharmacology made incredibly not straitened , (by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins)
Mosby’s pharmacology Memory list of items cards
Pharm Phlash! (flashcards)
Also every NCLEX study book, just not fully convinced if I should get Saunders or Kaplan

Do you guys regard any suggestions as to which are sterling books to buy (especially pharm), detain in mind I’m doing LVN.

Thank you bunches

PS any other books aside from pharm that are available in helping me study other nursing weighty better would be appreciated too.

Peter Jackson, co-fail of Advocates for the Reform of Prescription Opioids.

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