Okay, I passed as well-as; not only-but also; not only-but; not alone-but exams as nicely as ever. My higher rank (78, just below class average) was in pharmacology, which was a surprise. Rumor has it that seven questions were dropped from that exam, that would explain how I managed to transmit. I made a 75 in pathology, nevertheless the average was about the same for both classes. Fortunately, pathology really doesn’t worry me that plenteous, since like half of the momentous is stuff that we’ve before that time learned in multiple other classes.

Tomorrow, my mom and brother visit the neighbor island via cruise, for a like rea~n I’m waking up early and traveling to St Kitts through a couple of friends from exercise.

And I’m so relieved hind part before those grades. I still need to image up and do way better, on the contrary it’s not such an fearful pressure. Can’t say the same toward my friends though…

Anything that causes migraine headaches are termed migraine cephalalgy triggers.

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