NYP Pharmacology Exam

0 Hi Everyone!

I discern that there have been questions like this in the accomplished but the last one I regard seen was in 2012.

I had my conference at NYP/Columbia and I accepted each offer. I now have to take the Basic Medication Administration Exam in public tranquillity to actually start working there. This is my idle fancy hospital and I have to commission in my letter of resignation to my current job soon. I need to pass this without ceasing the first try in order to fight shy of any delays.

Has anyone recently taken it or is scheduled to take it? How did you study according to it? I’ve read in former threads that there was an NLN drill exam for $10 which closely resembled the arche~ of questions asked on the NYP exam. Does anyone desire access to it?

I have a inadequate time to study and I certainly want to increase my chances of passing it.

Thanks in advance.

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