Nursing School Graduation Present

Wahooo! I graduated nursing seminary! I’m currently studying for the NCLEX and preparing to wince my career as a cardiac tend in sickness. In nursing school we learned every part of about human Anatomy and Physiology, ways to bargain illnesses and the pharmacology that goes by with those treatments. I also well-informed that little meaningful gestures are once more comforting to your patient than at all pill could be (I said SOMETIMES). This made  deciding in c~tinuance a present for my two nursing gymnasium besties a bit difficult for me. We before that time have the essentials like stethoscopes, scrubs and spirit pressure cuffs. And I felt like at the same time that a new nurse, the present had to take a personal (yet practical) touch.


I started opinion about all of the little extras that versed nurses suggested for getting through one overnight 12 hour shift when I was in my ultimate term of school working overnights. With that in soul I decided to create a “Kit since the New Nurse.” Of set of dishes I busted out some rhymes to relate why each component would be vital part.

Candy– for when you are sympathetic hypoglycemic after not eating

Eye Mask– in the same manner you don’t find sleep to be fleeting

Hair ties– for when your days master hairy

NSAIDs– for when your persevering is scary

Bandaids– for the little bumps longitudinally the way

Coupon for wine ignorance and poop talk– for a upper hand ending to a rough day

Hand lotion– in the place of all of the gelling in and on the ~side

Chapstick – to keep your lips looking bonny, even if they are in a horn-~.

Hand sani– because people are the overcome

Compression socks– to remind you to ever choose airway, breathing & circulation at the outset

Mints – because you were fashion to be a nurse!

I moreover couldn’t resist adding a surprise from, you guessed it, Etsy. I raise these bracelets from the shop MyInitialCharm.


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