Neurocritical Care

I judge for many critical care intensivists, neurology is the chiefly challenging knowledge to master. The anesthesiologists are comfortable with cardiac physiology, vasopressor pharmacology, and ventilator superintendence. The internists and pulmonologists are vast at reading X-rays, formulating antibiotic regimens, and provident renal insufficiency. But a surprising amount of critical care is neurologic in author. While like most intensivists, I am pleasurable managing analgesics, sedatives, and other neurologic drugs, in that place’s a lot I wish I were more good at. I have a great refer to for neurologists who are proficient in decisive care and those who do brace years to subspecialize in the range.

Even in a community hospital, I diocese so many variations on altered mental status in the intensive care unit. A patient with a history of seizures has jerking motions; the treating medical man gives too much benzodiazepine and the long-suffering is so somnolent she is intubated. She has expressive liver and kidney disease, and in the ensuing small in number days, we have to tease wanting whether her persistent somnolence is nonconvulsive seizures or remaining anti-seizure medication. After an crisis surgery for a bowel perforation, a sufferer is very slow to wake up. When he does, he cannot act upon his arms, but the distribution of his weakness does not occur in a general stroke pattern. An alcoholic with cirrhosis comes in through a stroke; after several days of defeat, we struggle to figure out whether it’s encephalopathy from his liver, symptoms of his hardship, or the beginning of alcohol withdrawing.

None of these situations are utterly too difficult, but seeing so many in a week helps me realize that I want to get more excellent at neurology. I am working to more completely understand how to read head CTs, at the time to order EEG, and how to appliance a precise neurologic exam to tantalize apart similar diagnoses. Luckily, we be the subject of a dedicated and brilliant neurology consultant who takes his time to dig deep into these problems and inculcate us when he can. This, I presume, is one example of how acquired knowledge never stops.

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