✔️Can be measured by Fick Principle

✔️This states that the uptake/ excuse of a substance e.g. O2 (Vo2) ~ dint of. an organ is the product of the fiery fellow flow (Q) through that organ and the arteriovenous distinction in content (Cao2-Cvo2)

✔️This is applied using Kety-Schmidt technique whither 10% Nitrous oxide is inhaled since 10-15 minutes, and the jugular venose concentration is measured and assumed to be the same as the brain concentration

✔️Once CBF is determined, adscititious values like CMRO2 and vascular resistance may be derived. 

✔️N2O offers important advantages over other agents used with regard to the measurement of CBF in that it is trusty, stable, cheap, readily available and has a divide by ~s coefficient unaffected by varying levels of lipid and wet and hence is unlikely to vary with age or cerebral oedema.

✔️CBF calculated ~ means of this technique represents the mean vital current flow from the area of the brain draining into the private jugular venous bulb being sampled: i.e. the ipsilateral cerebral hemisphere. Therefore, the Kety–Schmidt method of CBF bulk is unable to discriminate between grey and frosty matter and is insensitive to regional changes in proceed. 

Ref: Textbook of Neuroanaesthesia and Critical Care, Basil F Matta

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