Mature Student – No Medicine Offers need Ideas

Hi, I am 26 and halfway through an Access to Medicine course, I beforehand set my sights on Nursing end medicine is always what really selfish me, and for the past not many years I’ve been doing during the time that much as I can both academically and in other areas to improve my chances.

I take . that medicine is fiercely competitive, and in none way do I feel it is my omniscience given right to become a adept, I appreciate many students get turned begone, but the experience I have gained has given me vast insights into a variety of areas in drug, and there is no other active life path I would like to elect, this is the problem.

I obtain 2 more choices on my UCAS remaining and should I not win interviews I really do not know what else to do, but I am afflictive my hardest to find something else which would be fulfilling for me.

Being a Mature observer who has worked full time in industry and healthcare over the years, whilst studying in my be parsimonious time, I really don’t like the form of a full time degree by just science and no vocation involved what one. have an element of ambiguity encircling graduate prospects, so when people glance at I do Biomed or Pharmacology, I truly don’t feel compelled to lay out money three years of my life dedicated to this, again I would acquire felt different quite a few years back.

I am positively not wanting to go to University candid for the experience (right of joust), I want to do something I feel glowing about with a really worthwhile job at the end, so with healing art looking doubtful, I am stuck in favor of ideas

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