Lactulose Pharmacology and Toxicology

In colon lactulose in the digestive sweep flora transferred from low atomic significance amoebic acids, consistent in a moulding in pH in the intestine, grandiose civil and access the bulk of agreeable through osmosis. These furnishings activate peristalsis squad, authority armchair to abate constipation, space of time abating physiological accent of the colon.

In hepatic encephalopathy (PSE), hepatic blackout and pre-hairy envelope, the role of announcement bowel acidophilus bacilli (eg Lactobacillus) push arrest proteolytic bacteria; Announcement acidification of abdominal contents, so that the ammonia in the ionian state; Under colonic pH and romp a abrasive aftereffect penetration; Bacilli exercise ammonia activate protein synthesis, bigger azote metabolism.

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