Clinical trial tragedy in Rennes

Some days back, intelligence started being reported on the BBC of the hospitalisation of six lower classes in Rennes in Brittany.  The six were business of a Phase 1 clinical exertion, and one of them was reported during the time that suffering brain death.  That bodily substance has now sadly died.  Four others are after that in a serious condition.

Le Monde reported that the medicine was called BIA 10-2474, and ~y Internet search for that brought up the resources listed below.  I have not been adroit to find the trial in a registry, otherwise than that am not that experienced yet with clinical trials registries, so am not firm why this is.

Here are some resources, including Le Monde, about the endeavor and what has happened.

Le Monde – reporting the departure of one patient (17th Jan)

Le Monde – earlier rumor on what is known about which had happened (15th Jan)

Article in Science’s tidings section about what is known (15th Jan)

Article in Science’s news section with more details (16th Jan)

There is a richness deal of technical information, including added about what the drug actually could exist , on Chris Southan’s blog.    And attached the Chemical Collaboration blog, which discusses which could be predicted about what would turn up.

You will of course need French to understand the first two, and you elect need much more knowledge of chemistry, pharmacy and pharmacology than I bear to get the most out of the the ~ time two.

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