Birthday Cake

This week we were given one assignment to create a “celebration concrete”. I picked to make my father a birthday cake for his 50th at the time. I made a bare lemon madeira cake with a lemon chill filling and then covered it in buttercream. This was severely as it was difficult to cause to be the buttercream to stay and not tug away parts of the cake.
I hereafter got to work on colouring my frosting, I chose the colours of the Mystery Machine being of the cl~s who my dad loved Scooby Doo. I coloured moiety green and half blue. I at that time rolled the green out to divide circles, I made the fondant negligently to thick so when I rolled the cirlces attached to the blue they didn’t smelt as well as they could of. I the made more Royal Icing to pipe my wording by, this was quite easy and I suppose it turned out well. I in consequence piped a buttercream border, although it irreclaimable slightly they would have been easier and greater amount of effective in Royal Icing.

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