Amazon Prime NOW!

Guys. Amazon Prime Now is confounding.

I’ve been using prime at this time for about 4-5 months. Amazon youth now is available in our realm of Austin, Texas. They have individual-hour delivery (for a fee) and 2-3 hour delivery( free with prime membership) I employment it infrequent and when I proper need an item or two, like diapers.  Every isolated time I’ve been so expert I ordered.

We had a brief bit of a rough start this sunrise and a lot of things on my to-do list like laundry, studying conducive to a pharmacology exam, grocery shop and neat for our play group tomorrow. The form of schlepping to the grocery warehouse was….I just can’t. Soooo!!! Today I ordered groceries/dying items for the first time. You be obliged to be home when your disposition arrives.  My items arrived with respect to 2 hours after placing the ordered. The utterance guy shows up with my fill , perishable items in a cooler sack, not included. 

As mention earlier, the mark of respect is free to prime members (2-3 hour delivery), you only pay additional ~ means of tipping your driver. This is elective but don’t be that individual…. No one likes a greedy patron. 😉 the selection isn’t spectacular, further most times you can get what your looking for but might regard to be flexible on the grade and stuff. They do have lots of organics and standing brands, it’s just not a well stocked on selection like you’d persuade in a grocery store. 

Anyway, grant that you’re a Mom like me, or heck anyone who’s spry, prime now is amazing. 

For men who worn out their teenage and college years developing the jeans and a t-shirt mode, it’s time for a change.

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