A Sunday Well Spent

Ahhh, this mural painted without ceasing a 40 ft. stack of books in no degree fails to leave me in reverence.

My Sunday was indeed well wearied at Fully Booked BGC’s atrium market! I was able to score books from 50php to 150php. I got 9 books in lump; 5 from the sale, 2 from their perfect rack and 1 as a bounty from my beau. Here’s a photo of the books I got – pardon me for trying to be artsy and error miserably.


I’m distinctly excited for The Name of the Wind and Prince of Thorns. I for the most part fainted when I saw both of it sect by side, together with my tot~y time favorite novel, Lies of Locke Lamora. The gift for me is The Winner’s Curse. (Thank you, be pleased with!) As for Red Queen, I wasn’t truly keen on reading it due to its promiscuous reviews on Goodreads, but I couldn’t spike anything else in the sea of booksale (a portion of the ones I wanted were sold public), so I settled for it in the extreme point. The ones I got from vent are The Swindler and Lazarillo de Tormes: Two Spanish Picaresque Novels, Morephus Road, Starvation Lake, Dead Men’s Dust and Jack Knife. 

That’s aggregate for the time being; I desire yet to spend the rest of my sunlight for my readings in Pharmacology and Parasitology. Sometimes I appropriate want to dump med school wholly and be an all time book reader though. 

In fact, doctors receive actually tried treating tinnitus with such medications.

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