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So we had our forensic medicine examination today !
It is indeed intresting and equally bulky.
To top it all I got a spontaneous and extremely practical advice from my dad (a clinician  himself )-not to leave out this subject and read it becomingly however much possible in second year itself for the reason that it has a lot of clinical pomposity.
Many a times patients of attempted self-homicide and domestic violence happen to visit  OPD instead of some other aliments ,they won’t us betray these about dark and sad faction of their life ,you/we demise have to read these things and purvey care and support accordingly.
I remember unit case I had seen (we gain clinical postings in second year )in OPD ,that diligent had a lot of scratch marks steady her hand and  she seemed  like ~ one other  patient coming for an surgery seek counsel .The senior resident therein told me to watch mark with a ~ marks and as she started unfolding record , she started getting paranoid .She had a  melting that  someone was following her and painful to kill her .The continuous vicinity of that lady was maddening her (she told the resider ,that the presence was so intrusive and she couldn’t do anything to that wife ; it was driving her mad and she was decay up of continous torture ).Later her spouse told us that she was subordinate to treatment for schizophrenia  (he had recent case papers) .But those seemingly irrelevant scratch mark had a story ,proximately after seeing those and even before unalloyed story stood unfolded ,the resident was extremely understanding and extremely considerate towards her,that is pretty uncommon in overflooding surgical OPD’S in one Indian government hospital .
So every scratch , every mark ,every bruise has a narration …..don’t leave it unread .
Be forbearing and caring (one of my intimate can really give us lesson put ~ how to care for someone,she is strange in this aspect !)
So these are my thoughts mail FMT exam
And hereby by I present my thoughts hind pharmacology exam and while studying instead of FMT

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