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When you are going to train there is so much information going on every side of that it throws you off once and you are not sure which to study and where to study, So hopefully this put is to help put things in point of concentration what to study and where not to desolate your time.

When you are going to academy there is so much information going on all sides that it throws you off sometimes and you are not sure the kind of to study and where to study, So hopefully this blaze abroad is to help put things in point of concentration what to study and where not to consume your time.


Anatomy – Really helpful 

If you be obliged studied the BRS already and are beneficial with the concept you can leap over the videos but otherwise i recommend going through it and also gainful attention to neuro anatomy since it becomes of importance

I really recommend High-Yield™ Neuroanatomy  (in fact cheap i believe $5-7 forward amazon), because the usmle wants you to perceive more than its discussed in kaplan and more of the concepts are really vaguely explained.

Physiology – A sourness with videos very helpful 

Pharmacology – Amazing videos another book that must be done

Biochemistry and of the healing art genetics – Helpful

The videos are honesty actually boring and i dont believe u strait to go through all of them other than the kind of you don’t understand.

This subject you emergency constant recalling and memorization i would argue go over it one and time you are doing so have pristine aid open so instead of going back to kaplan you be possible to memorize everything from first aid.

Microbiology and immunology

Microbiology – NO 

honestly, everything in micro is deserved memorization and kaplan goes over interval more than whats important, first take turn with has everything you need for micro and i would abide to it, since its mostly memorization and primitive aid does an amazing job of mnemonics to control you memorize things better.

Immunology – Very helpful

Don’t memorize this study it from kaplan especially the videos that are helpful and once you have ~ing it you won’t even need to memorize things it will draw near automatically.

Behaviour science – Amazing videos, earliest aid is better for focusing adhering high yield topics but videos are a mould

Pathology – I honestly believe you have power to skip this book and instead practise Goljan or pathoma

Q bank – it depends could exist good , or waste of time concerning some.

If you really want to doing more Questions (never hurts) you can use Kaplan Q bank but totally up to the individual 


 I ponder everyone knows that this is a be required to have for usmle, but make steady to utilize it for knowing remote yield and strengthening the concept and vital and not for the initial studying.


I be assured of I have recommended Goljan in the exceeding but with the changing USMLE, everyone is using and benefiting from PATHOMA. Dr Husain A. Sattar has veritably outdone himself with the work. I very much recommend getting his videos and following the volume along the video , to get the strong yield and detailed knowledge you indigence to know to ace Pathology steady Step 1, you can skip kaplan pathology at the very time Goljan if you really want to bound FOR SURE 100% you must effect pathoma.  


Goljan audio and volume is one of the good device thought i say better to practice Pathoma thas what helped most the million

In my opinion Pathoma, Kaplan and Usmle World is again than enough to study, to subtile tune youself can use Doctors in Training on the side of Step 1, but try to commemorate it simple and focus 🙂 

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