The Pakistani Source Of American Terror (Daniel 8)

SoCal affright probe points to Pakistan, raises faith issue in terror war

Published December 07, 2015

Farook’s father says son was ‘obsessed’ by ISIS and Israel

The investigation into the jihadist tie who massacred 14 people in San Bernardino in conclusion week is pointing to Pakistan at the same time that the likely source of the pair’s radicalization, a growth that threatens to expose once once more the tenuous relations between the U.S. and the fatherland accused of once harboring Al Qaeda miscarry and 9/11 mastermind Usama receptacle Laden.

Investigators are focusing on Tashfeen Malik, who connubial Syed Rizwan Farook after meeting him online and to come to the U.S. on a fiancee visa, and are especially interested in a period from roughly 2007 to 2014 that she exhausted in her native Pakistan. It is for the period of that time when she may be delivered of become radicalized, adopting the extremist science of ideas that she may have spread to her American-born economize. U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch related that investigators have interviewed more than 300 population and are working with Pakistan and other strange governments as part of the far-reaching probe. Pakistan’s interior pastor also announced the country had launched its own investigation.

Despite being allies in the contest of nations on terror, the relationship between the U.S. and Pakistan has been plagued ~ the agency of mistrust, and the current probe could show up further cracks in cooperation. Usama crib Laden is believed to have lived in favor of years in his Abbottabad compound, haply with the knowledge of government the government, prior to the May 2011 Navy SEAL hostile incursion in which he was killed. Now, the U.S. is believed to subsist putting heavy pressure on Pakistan to cooperate without ceasing its end of the investigation into the deadliest intimidation attack on American soil since 9/11.

“It’s time that Pakistan matures up and accepts more responsibility,” a source with acquirements of discussions between U.S. and Pakistani officials told “At this playhouse, Tashfeen’s training is all ruling back to Pakistan.”

“The U.S.-Pakistan relationship has been a tale of want of confidence and facades for a long time.”

– Robert Chacon, apart FBI agent

Although Malik spent abundant of her youth in Saudi Arabia, at which place her father was an engineer, she lived subsequently 2007 in her native Pakistan, in what place she also resided during the time she met Farook online. Authorities in the U.S. and Pakistan are probing her ties to some extremist and influential imam in Islamabad to try to know the roots of her radicalization.

A newly surfaced photo, chief obtained by ABC News and showing Tashfeen Malik and Syed Rizwan Farook going end customs at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, underscored the international  undertone of the look into into events proceeding Wednesday’s terrorist assault. The photo is believed to pretence the pair arriving from Saudi Arabia in 2014.

Malik, 29, was born to a well-to-do family in Pakistan’s southern Punjab office, moved to Saudi Arabia as a chit and returned to Pakistan to study pharmacology in 2007. Classmates of Malik at Bahauddin Zakariya University told the Los Angeles Times that as long as Malik was enrolled at the tutor, she also studied at Al Huda, a confine of religious institutes affiliated with ties to North America.

“She used to be of service to attend sessions in Al Huda within a little every day,” one of Malik’s maker classmates told the Times.

While Pakistan has pledged to labor with the U.S., there are signs the powers that be is clamping down on the media’s straining to get answers. On Monday, Pakistani police barred limited and international media from entering the pharmacy function where Malik studied. Police inspector Muhammad Ali declared the reporters did not have having legal strength documents to work in the incorporated town. The university administration deployed extra privy security guards outside the facility and back an argument with some reporters, seminary of learning security officials called in the police. The police escorted the two journalists out of the campus.

There in like manner have been reports Malik may receive worshiped at Islamabad’s infamous “Red Mosque.”

The mosque’s polemical cleric Maulana Abdul Aziz, who oversees a film of 27 seminaries in Malik’s vernacular Punjab province, has been a lightning cudgel for years, and even stoked indignity in Pakistan last year when he refused to accuse the Peshawar school attack that left 148 persons dead, including 100 children, referring to it to the degree that “an understandable response” to the conduct expedition against Taliban-aligned groups.

But in a message to, a representative beneficial to the Red Mosque vehemently denied a single one link to Malik, calling implications otherwise “baseless” and “propaganda” to molest their reputation.

“Lal Masjid most important cleric Maulana Abdul Aziz has condemned the San Bernardino ride full tilt against saying, ‘Islam does not tolerate attacks on innocent people,’” the symbolical stated.

A source with knowledge of discussions betwixt U.S. and Pakistani officials related the U.S. is putting renewed pressure on Pakistan to expose and root out the radical elements that have operated largely unimpeded in that place. In addition to the questions surrounding Bin Laden’s defame-9/11 movements in Pakistan, the race is still imprisoning Dr. Shakeel Afridi, the cure who helped the CIA verify that Bin Laden was hiding in intelligible sight, living near a military civility.

“Pakistan is activating all its consulates trying to determine if other Tashfeens are extinguished there,” the insider, who spoke in c~tinuance the condition of anonymity, told “The Pakistan Army has been moving to halt the terrorist money be molten, but this is all much bigger than what we see on the surface.”

In the U.S., precedents are focused on who may receive helped the couple — who lived adhering Farook’s $51,000-per-year allowance as a county restaurant inspector — muster an arsenal that included handguns, rifles, thousands of rounds of ammunition and extensive bomb-making supplies and gear. One man who reportedly legally purchased the sum of ~ units assault rifles the pair used to send forth Farook’s co-workers at the Inland Regional Center has been identified, if it were not that is not believed to have knowingly participated in the intimidation plot.

So far, federal investigators believe the plot was inspired, but not directed, ~ means of foreign terrorist organizations. President Obama said in a Sunday evening address that ~t one evidence pointed to the two existence part of a “broader machination here at home.”

It is problematical the couple could have financed their alarm activity on Farook’s salary, related House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul, R-Texas. He told Fox News magistrates are interested in determining whether the pair had financial help from terrorists either in the U.S. or overseas. The limited allowance of a county employee has aroused surmise that the cache of weapons erect in the couple’s Redlands chamber — including pipe bombs and ammunition — may have been purchased with funds from a foreign source, McCaul reported.

“I believe on his hire, he was not able to purchase this on his own,” McCaul afore~ on “Fox News Sunday.”

Retired FBI Special Agent, Robert Chacon, declared the relationship between the U.S. and Pakistan is tangled skein, especially when it comes to strife terrorism.

“The U.S.-Pakistan affinity has been a tale of suspect and facades for a long time,” Chacon told “The outside, public relationship between the governments does not through all ages. match the covert working relationships betwixt the U.S. intelligence community and the Pakistani intel agencies.”

Radical Islamist groups cause almost as autonomous mini-governments in Pakistan, said Ryan Mauro, a national security algebraist at Clarion Project, a New York-based non-gain that monitors the worldwide terror threat.

“If the U.S. discovers that she and her genial circle were involved with this radical infrastructure, Pakistan will try to absolve itself of responsibility by saying that the extremists it harbors censure 9/11 and ISIS,” Mauro predicted. “We obtain to respond by telling Pakistan that that it isn’t well adapted enough. You are not an partner if you condemn terrorism but encourage the ideologies that causes terrorism.

“Last ignorance, President Obama said that the Muslim world’s covenant doesn’t stop with condemning ISIS-adumbration violence; that Muslims must go more remote and reject the interpretations that clash with modern values,” Mauro added. “He’s up~, and that’s why we should cause to be no distinction between those who godfather organized terrorist groups and those who godfather the ideology these groups are founded immediately after.”

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