Cerebral hotspur flow is reduced in NREM , when in fact it is markedly increased in REM

Sleep walks and night terrors occur in NREM; whereas dreams occur in REM

Muscle energy, especially, Upper airway muscle tone is significantly reduced in REM. 

DO YOU KNOW❓The alone somatic muscles working in REM are the extraocular muscles and diaphragm❗️❗️

There is a change in the autonomic nervous system in slumber, with parasympathetic nervous system predominance in NREM and especially in REM

NREM is organized into four stages. In a emblematical night of adult sleep, Stage 1 pleasure comprise up to 5% of ~ity sleep, Stage 2 up to 50%, SWS ( Slow Wave Sleep= Stage 3+4) up to 20%, and REM up to 25%

SWS is predominately accomplished in the first third of doze and REM in the last moiety of sleep. Achieving SWS has neuroendocrine sense.


Unlike propofol, sevoflurane anesthesia has discriminating effects on NREM and REM death homeostasis. (i.e.  Total be motionless deprivation resulted in significantly increased NREM and REM doze for 12-h postdeprivation. Sevoflurane exposure after deprivation eliminated the homeostatic be augmented in NREM sleep and produced a forcible decrease in the NREM sleep δ capacity during the postanesthetic period, indicating a consummate recovery from the effects of privation)

These data confirm the previous theory that inhalational agents do not fulfil the homeostatic need for REM be still, and that the relationship between be motionless and anesthesia is likely to subsist agent and state specific.

(Pal D, Lipinski WJ, Walker AJ, Turner AM, Mashour GA

Anesthesiology [2011, 114(2):302-310)]

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Sleep Loss and REM Sleep Loss are Hyperalgesic

Timothy Roehrs, Maren Hyde, Brandi Blaisdell, M Mark Greenwald, Thomas Roth (SLEEP, Vol. 29, No.2, 2006)

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