Thank you, Dr. Greenfield.

Pharmacology and Medsurg wouldn’t obtain been the same without you. So divers times I thought to myself, “Dr. Greenfield, I wish to be you.” I bear had the most welcoming, inspiring, and encouraging introductory treatise to the nursing profession. 

“As you apprehend, my career in nursing has been varied but always full of opportunities for growing and learning – as your careers force of ~ also be. Healthcare is moving and changing expeditiously. There will be so many recently made known ideas, new “evidenced based” ways of doing things, recently made known medications, new guidelines, and new roles during you as advanced practice nurses to evolve. But no matter where healthcare takes you, remember to a rear his/her one true focus is the submissive. We see our patients as a amount person. A whole person in a family and as part of a common. Serve, advocate for, and educate your patients whither ever your career takes you. Get to discern your patients so you can abet and motivate them to learn to care of themselves.

The body of knowledge of nursing comes easy to chiefly of us. But is is the subtlety of nursing that is a peculiar side of nursing. Cultivate that and you behest be richly rewarded with patients dawn up and sharing stories of their lives through you. Take a moment to attend and learn from them. And remember to express gratitude them for sharing their stories through you.

You all are very glossy and extraordinarily motivated. Any one of you have power to change the world. Together, you altogether will be unstoppable. Give your every part of to whatever you decide to take in c~tinuance – any job worth doing is cost doing right! 

Thank you tot~y for also teaching me and structure me rethink something or look at a portion a bit differently. Teaching has its acknowledge rewards. Be teachers to your patients, the nurses you be with, to each other, and to students at what time they come your way. You totality have so much to give.

I reliance this holiday is the merriest of periods for you all. A happy, healthful, and prosperous New Year.

My sincerest thanks to you all!!

Sue Greenfield, CRNA, PhD
Associate Professor

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