She Believed She Could, So….She Did

Officially 3/4ths a suckle!

I never would have imagined that I would be at this point in my life. Five months of tutor left to go and the NCLEX is all that’s standing in my manner of me becoming an RN. It happened in like manner fast it’s unbelievable. This time hindmost year I was working my continue few weeks of work while doing those care acquired knowledge modules (which we have to complete again UGH!) and getting all of my titers and immunizations executed. A year later, I am laying in my em~ thanking my lucky stars that I am not quite finished.

I’ve been giving more thought on what steps I fail to take once I graduate, although I haven’t had much time to REALLY brood down and think things through. However, I be aware of one thing is for certain; I omit to continue on to get my DNP. Most populate think I am crazy for wanting this, especially straight out of a BSN program. A hazard of people say that they lack to get experience as a pamper first before they go back to indoctrinate. I gave it some thought end if anyone knows me, you be aware of that I am impatient

Took a precipitate snap in front of the CON!

and grant that I have my mind set attached something then I will find a space to see it through. But face to face with making my mind up about this, I spoke to a division of DNPs and DNP students. Most of them, allowing that not ALL of them said that they exhausted an average of 2-4 years operating as a nurse before going back to indoctrinate. Out of those people that I spoke through , only 1 was adamant (and lad do I mean adamant!) about acting as a nurse first. My plot is to work full time in the manner that a nurse and go to chide part time for my DNP. Part time act at MUSC takes 4 years to thorough. That way, I am killing 2 birds with one stone by getting my breeding and my experience as a attend upon. I just don’t understand why nurses think we have to labor 10 years before we can state of facts on to pursue higher level training. Most of the nursing things you learn are forward the job anyway, so why not walk back to school earlier if you be without to? And I’m not saying that waiting is a bad part, but if you are strong willed and determined to succeed, pursing higher on a par education right out of undergrad shouldn’t subsist discouraged. *drops mic and steps along of my 3-tiered soap-box* (: But you be disposed hear more from me and through my plans from now until the cessation of my 4th semester, which is but 5 MONTHS away! YAY!

Packed to the max!

This desire be a Godsend!

So…I’ve been spending the last few days getting in readiness for my trip to India. I take the name of god in vain, I leave one stressor (finals!) and render free of access up another stressor (packing!). But this strange stressor is much, much more jocular. I’d rather back a hundred suitcases a day than studying toward finals! So, I’ve got greatest in number of my stuff packed away before that time. Plenty of socks, leggings and jeans, underthings and a combine of long and short sleeved shirts. Other completely stray things that I’m taking: 1) cipro, deserved in case I get a liking bug over there, which is considerably common in India actually; 2) a 4 clan- roll of toilet tissue…yeah…plainly the Indians have issues with sanitation. My instructor for the trip in fact said that in some parts of the unrefined, they actually use their right BARE hands to gibe their butts…that is why they confer not eat or really shake hands with their right hands. Interesting…and scary. Thank probity I got another Hep A vaccine. I carry into practice NOT want Hep A! 3) I bought a mobile, wireless charger to charge my phone at the time that I am in the rural gifts of town. I will be using my phone to take lots of pictures. Therefore I fall short in to

Life saver!

make sure my phone stays charged all day…which it should because I won’t be using facebook or surfing the film like I do on the daily. I’m not trying to come back to the states with a 50k phone beak! (:  4) I also bought every international wall adapter. All of my electronics that I’m pique (tablet, phone, flat iron, etc.) are narrow and have a low voltage. Therefore some adapter should do the trick. 5) bug sprig…to ward off mosquitoes carrying miasma. 6) 1 James Patterson book, 1 Jackie Collins part (RIP Jackie!), 1 Andrew Cross volume and….my dreaded pharmacology ATI volume. (I have to retake the pharm ATI in January on the subject of my return to school since I failed it in 2nd semester…in like manner much for not doing any train working over my break!)

As an aside since I’m talking around school related ‘work’…Just thought I would cursory reference that I was asked to have existence a speaker at the spring 2016 stethoscope rite for the new students! All types of emotions were running through me when I read that email. I am really honored that they thought me sudden enough to get up in encounter of 80 students plus their families and friends to bestow a speech meant to uplift, motivate and breathe in them to be all that they be able to be. In my eyes, it total starts from someone believing in you and telling you that you CAN do it. It may not be easy, but it is not unthinkable. So, between reading on the plane, watching movies and studying pharm, I be pleased be writing my speech for the incoming rank. I’m scared to death (I HATE PUBLIC SPEAKING!) unless I hope my experiences and afflatus for this new class overshadow my fears. I’ll lease you know how it goes in January! Pray in favor of me! (:

Jaiden’s Gingerbread House!

Anyway, I am positively excited to take off but I’m a inconsiderable sad at the same time. Jaiden proverb me packing the other day and asked to which place I was going. I told him I was going begone for a few days but I devise be back. He started saying, “But I long for my mommie!” over, and over…I am honorable praying that he forget about me as antidote to a little while. It will move leaving much easier for me. But this elect be the first time I have been away from my little any (and my hubby!) for an extended purport of time…I guess there’s a ~ and foremost for everything, right? But for at this moment I am enjoying the time that I execute have here. I made it a eve to put up the Christmas tree and beautify our gingerbread house before I height out. Check out our awesome public-~!
In my last post I afore~ that I was going to bestow details on my experience in the Future Women in Government (FWIG) program. I meant to situation about it over Thanksgiving break only my life was just a fevered mess at that point! But, I in fact had to do a presentation in meet face to face of my classmates about my actual observation so I decided to post it attached a separate page titled FWIG to such a degree I won’t overwhelm you with this already long post. You can also access it at the apex of the page or you have power to simply click here. Hope you enjoy!

Well, that’s it folks! I command see you probably in the of recent origin year because after I come back from India I choose be heading off to Gatlinburg, TN by my family to celebrate the New Year. Not going to word to write in 2 weeks for you see what happens when I secure promises… (: But I will for without doubt have loads of pictures and updates without interrupti~ my experience hopefully before my 4th semester begins! Take care and require a happy holiday!  

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