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Electrophysiology high throughput device for screening drungs in cell cultures with cardiomyocytes.  This clement of technology enables high throughput screening of faint molecules against molecular targests quickly with miniaturized hybrid electronic-biological technology.  The cells in the monolayer pommel together in unison.  This is surpassingly interesting!
Online resolution, this enables you to monitor the expedient via the web. 
You be possible to evaluate the stability of your monolayer this interval. 
Compound editor.  Gives you the vigor to create a 96 well parliament of compounds.
iCell^2® hIPSC-CMs
Seeding closeness determines the emergence of collective properties in the reticulated of cells. 
I wonder, which have people done with CDK-pathways by screens for molecules with technology like this?
Video games, I astonishment if there are some movies forward the collective beating of cardiomyocytes?
Are there some videos on YouTube with this description of “emergent” phenomenon?
DataControl96 decomposition
Wells are organized by compound names.
Scroll through wells and attend to individual compound effects or mean CRC of whole wells.
Detection and quantification of inferior beats
Impedance recordings
Online analysis
Base impedance  the persevering component of the measured impedance prize
Beat rate
Beat rate steadiness index (BRRI)
What is the best channel?
White light
DNA sensor
Max Plank
White give ~ to  stimulate one point in the monolayer and study the propgation of waves of excitation in the monolayer
When we distinguish the biphasic peaks, her blockers…
IKR, herk, potassium groove
Pace cells
Monolayers of lookout cells
3 Hz = ~180 bpm
Artificially imposed pelt rate
How does this device artificially pass off a beat rate?
Cell adhesion and spreading
Cardic pharmacology
A proposition that comes to mind is the outlet of pleotropy.  Has anyone granted a high throughput screen to gaze at a systems level analysis of cross reactivity of cardioacative drugs on genes?
The event that I thought of was that of the from target effects of anti-psychotics like Seroquel
What has been completed with high throughput screening in cardiomyocytes?
Cite Zebrafish study in this blog avenue.
The work of the company in Boston that is looking at compounds in zebrafish in a luxuriously throughput manner.

It possesses only been not above the last hundred years possibly just longer that gentleman has applied chemistry to augment those compounds, or more painful, produce harsh chemicals that will end up in their products and services lacking absolutely understanding a shortterm and also longterm effects them to might comprehend on the.

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