November 2015

We accept completed the Pulmonary block and hold returned from Thanksgiving break to polishing out the GI/Hepatic Blocks. I’ve performed fairly consistently put ~ all of the previous blocks, mete didn’t do perform as well of the same kind with I wanted on Medical Pharmacology being of the kind which I have on previous block exams.  I believe this was due to test alluring performance, not necessarily preparation. While it’s frustrating, it gives me some opportunity to finish strongly on the nearest exam for the semester. One of things on the point the program that will help me immensely in the what is yet to be credentialing process of becoming a medical man is improving my test taking skills. Most students at some time or another find they ascertain by enumeration silly mistakes on exams, such during the time that not even reading entire questions on account of important information or answer choices. I find this is often my biggest misconception when I take exams. Other than inner reality a little less satisfied with my production, I continue to immerse myself in everything we learn.  I esteem often with diseases treated with antibiotics ( like as pneumonia and TB covered for the time of this block), the regimens are frequently “moving targets.” Certain therapeutics develop hindrance over time that they are ~t any longer considered as effective treatments. It is famed knowing that while I’m expanding a knowledge base of drugs and their uses, I’m also learning that medicine requires review of current regimens and accommodation.
     Exams aside, my assemblage in Advances and I are preparing our definitive presentation of the semester on the diagnosis and contrivance of GERD. Advances has been a eminent outlet for adding to my erudition base about current drug trials and upcoming usage options for a variety of diseases.
 As more distant as volunteering goes, I’m continuing my commitments at New Orleans Sci High. Currently, Travis and I action once a week to assist in the Introduction to Biomedical Sciences Class. A excessive component of this course, is that students bring forth hands on activities that engage them in the information they are learning. I find that these activities are the easiest to back with and students are eager to make evident what they know. I think the biggest make different I’ve noticed is that students are adroit to talk to Travis and I encircling almost anything, from questions about the class material, pre-requisites for pre-professional schools, and what colleges they should apply to.  All of the current Sci High members met through Dr. Beckman to discuss what we could hoax to ensure our work at Sci High is sustainable. Like greatest in quantity volunteer experiences, it is important to require sure the work we are doing is in more way meaningful and has an impact. I believe  next semester, we testament be working more one-on-common with students with study strategies and helping them through the class objectives. I’m in addition starting my involvement with Girls put ~ the Run of NOLA. There is a 5k December 5th, and I way to hand out medals to girls finishing the family.  I’ve been a courier most of my life, so it resolution be great to be involved in every organization that gives back to the common of New Orleans and is in addition a hobby of mine.

until next time…

November Volunteer Hours: 4

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