My favorite Subject this Semester

Hello to tot~y, this time I’m going to report about my favorite subject, of this semester, simulations. I indeed like this course, because it is the closest transaction to care for patients we be possible to do during this stage of lore. We have 3 teachers for this subject, Mondays, we’re by Valeria Rojas, she is a specialist in biomaterials, Tuesdays are by Claudio Méndez, he is periodontist and removable prosthesis specialist, and Wednesday we are by Josefa Castro, that soon to have ~ing specialist in Endodontics. All of these teachers are excessively friendly, and after a year of laboring with them, I consider them in some way my friends, even with Mendez before that time we register ourselves to run the marathon of Santiago.

I wish learned many things, in different yard of dentistry, like for example figure in teeth and molars, to site a Crown upon them; Provisionals; to make scaling and root cleaning; to esteem all kinds of cavities and heal different caries lesions. I’m currently finishing Endodontics module, and hope to prolong to learn much more.

Next year desire begin to care for patients, and I take many expectations about what will have ~ing this experience, although I’m a inconsiderable nervous, I continue to learn to a greater degree things, to give the best feasible care to my patients, such being of the cl~s who Pharmacology and surgery. The truth is that I would like move an extraction, I am very keen to begin to care for patients

I had pleasantry in simulations, talking to my peers (friends) of the preclinical council, but I got also stressed me negligently with surprise tests, I can definitely declare that simulations is my favorite subject.

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