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MSc (Clinical Management of Pain)

*** Limited numbers of places for free online CPD ***

A modern module in the MSc (Clinical Management of Pain) programme is offered for the first time in 2016, “Veterinary Musculoskeletal Pain: Small Animals”. Now in its tenth year, the online programme is with the understanding on the University of Edinburgh’s well-proven and full platform. Three UK-based vets, who graduated with the MSc in 2014, wrote not far from their reflections on the programme.


1.    “Veterinary Musculoskeletal worry: Small animals” module has been approved in favor of the MSc (Clin. Mgmt. Pain) order of exercise (20 credits).

2.    The module have power to also be studied as part of Personal Professional Development (PPD). PPD students desire also be awarded 20 credits at Masters fit, which may be transferrable to any other programme.

3.    As this is a starting a~ module, we want to obtain more feedback from participants who have some interest in pain management. To come together this need we are offering a limited consist of of free places to study the module, through the usual fees waived. The University of Edinburgh self-reliance issue a certificate for 200hrs CPD to participants, on successful completion of the module.



The “Veterinary Musculoskeletal Pain: Small Animals” module runs instead of 15 weeks, from 25th January to 22nd May incl., by a two week break 4th April to 17th April incl.


At the period of the module participants are expected to more intimate. see various meanings of good understand:

·         The epidemiology of musculoskeletal annoy.

·         The cavilling appraisal of preclinical and clinical ground of belief relating to musculoskeletal pain.

·         The proposed pathophysiology and fret-generating mechanisms in musculoskeletal diseases moving dogs and cats.

·         The power of impelling of bio-behavioural contributors to animals’ chagrin experiences.

·         The precarious appraisal and use of validated vexation assessment tools.

·         The role of comorbidities in complicating curative management.

·         The pharmacology of plague-relieving drugs and their implementation in a rational, multimodal draw near to musculoskeletal pain management.

·         Ethical considerations then offering palliative care.

For further notice, or to register your interest in unit of the limited number of places for free CPD please contact Fergus Coutts BVM&S MSc MRCVS: (Closing be ~d 11th January 2016).

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