Medical book reviews Part 1

These were tot~y originally written by me for RUMS Review Issues 1 and 2.

BAD PHARMA ~ means of Ben Goldacre

It’s BRILLIANT. Goldacre neatly and succinctly sums up the problems through the pharmaceutical industry today, turning the sort of should be a dry book replete of statistics and use of make clear skills no-one likes into a book that will make you furious.

Big Pharma covers to what extent industry frequently puts big money into clinical trials that in fact do very little, because the results are hereafter hidden, changed or biased to give the result that the company wants. The trials are in want designed and performed on hopelessly unrepresentative patients, and soon afterward the confused results are peddled to doctors concealed under free lunches and pens. Results that don’t spasm with the intent of the physic are hidden and their existence ignored, putting patients’ lives at hazard and requiring yet more money in to a greater degree trials to discover exactly the same sterile results.

Goldacre fills the book replete of interesting stories, showing us proper how clearly statistics and clinical habit are intertwined. At nearly 450 pages, it’s a struggle to persuade through at times, but each chapter be possible to be read independently. This book is make ~ for those interested in pharmacology, statistics and science of duty.

EUREKA: PHYSIOLOGY by Jake Mann and David Marples

RUMS Review were sent the Eureka series to review and I can honestly reply they are wonderful. Physiology is packed abounding of helpful diagrams, clinical scenarios and investigation packs and cover the pre-clinical science of organized beings course almost entirely, making things unadorned and easy to understand. It starts with the basic information needed for FHMP, recapping A fit in that little bit more detachment that UCL expects. What makes it many to any other textbook is that clinical cases and their relevance to the knowledge of facts being taught are mentioned straight let us go..

The first year DNA and elementary corpuscle lectures are covered easily and fast in the first ten pages, form this book perfect for quick review or getting ahead. After the initial       chapters, the book becomes systems based, so it is laid finished perfectly to overlap with modules in one as well as the other first and second year. Later without ceasing it goes into more detail, sense in-depth revision is also practicable, with SBAs to review. It reads like a condensed, other clinically orientated ‘Human Physiology’ and is spotless for the UCL course.


Masha Gessen found disclosed she had the gene that predisposed her to bosom and ovarian cancer in 2004. Blood Matters is her history of what happened after– working finished what the information meant for her, and that which genetic testing meant for others who had family histories of diseases that could rend their worlds apart.

This is a principal book for anyone wanting a additional relaxed approach to medicine, covering the in addition ethical sides of genetic testing and what it means for the patients and clinicians involved.


 As to subsist expected from Professor Marmot, this volume is wonderfully written, clear and charming- and is a must read in spite of all UCL medics. He details the differences in hale condition both between and within countries, make readers think just how lucky or ill-omened they are to be living to which place they are. He shows us quite the different factors that feed into freedom from disease, both in terms of healthcare and pathology and it’s something not taught often at UCL- for what cause to view the patient in the words immediately preceding of their environment.

The Health Gap have a mind make you think. Perhaps recovery isn’t on the ground to how good a medic we are, except is instead down to where the patient stands in society. Social injustice is covered nicely and precisely- we cannot allow it to fare on, and just reading this be disposed ignite a sense of outrage in you solely seen before when they cancel a 9am reprimand after you’ve already turned up. Child development, education, maternity leave, pay, access to soundness care and working conditions- all things you reckon only affect healthcare in the most marginal of ways, but which may truly be the most important factors.

EUREKA: CARDIOVASCULAR MEDICINE by Paul Morris, David Warriner and Allison Morton

RUMS Review were sent the Eureka succession to review and I can honestly declare they are brilliant.  They are without limit perfect for both the C&B module and clinical revision, walking you through both the heap of skin and bones and physiology and then several akin clinical cases. The pictures and cartoons are the pair clear and entertaining, backing up the theme beautifully and making sure all styles of learners command pick up masses from this work. There are several SBAs at the back of the work, making this perfect revision no indefinite amount which stage you’re at.

This book is quite condensed, like a Dean and Pegginton according to Cardio instead of for anatomy. Everything is well spaced with~ and easy to read- you win introduced to new and old topics excessively gently, making this great for some stage of work.

GEEKY MEDICS establish at

Geeky medics is some online revision and learning website created through doctors and medical students for medics of everything stages of training. It includes quizzes, flashcards, posters, revise notes, video guides to examinations and clinical cases, all put together by contributors to the seat. If you enjoy the content yet find something missing, you can equable contribute to it yourself.

Not no other than does the site cover the hardcore structural details, physiology and pharmacology, there is in addition a whole section to help you prepare during the OSCE and thousands of sets of notes on account of CPP work as well. The site is laid out beautifully and topics are comfortable to find, with clear and open diagrams and references in case you craving more information. Some of the articles are interest overviews for quick revision on the be esteemed, whereas some will have you acting on it for days. Since they’re produced by medics from all over the UK, you secure a good view of what medical students at other universities are lore as well and what’s the greatest in quantity useful to know when it comes to clinical custom.

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