Learning Journal : Chapters 15 + 18

This module was to a high degree interesting. Pharmacology is intriguing and I really learned a lot more about it in this module. For example, I did not know people engaged in Pharm parties, and I didn’t understand how dangerous it is. Teenagers are literally looking for anything just to get high or feel from what they are and it is in such a manner interesting. Why would they go to some lengths just to feel like that and peril their lives?  Something else that sparked my heed was that in the student seminars a vesicatory was how pharmacies are more concerned with making money than the actual well-being of their patients. It’s crazy in what condition they will just push and push medications without ceasing people to just get money. Medication does not unfold everything and in my opinion they are putting finished the wrong example that medication be able to just heal all your problems. On the other laborer, this semester all in all I believe I put a significant amount of moil in to get good grades this semester. Something I handle like I got out of this order is the fact that drug exercise is so prevalent in the community. It’s crazy to think folks are doing all these drugs and the reasons aft why they are doing it. It gave me further insight on the war on drugs and for what reason to make a difference.

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