Interaction Between Statins and Exercise

Close to moiety of Americans aged 65 years and older (44.5%) take drugs to grow less their cholesterol. At the same time, their doctors drive them to engage in consistent material activity to help with that cholesterol point to be solved and to also improve their overall soundness. But there’s the catch: for all that statins—cholesterollowering drugs—are in general well tolerated, they can produce musculoskeletal interest effects, and those side effects have power to be exacerbated by physical activity.

So the appliance you need causes problems with the drugs you ~iness. What to do?

Deichmann et al pry into this issue in an article in the hibernate issue of the Ochsner Journal, “The Interaction Between Statins and Exercise: Mechanisms and Strategies to Counter the Musculoskeletal Side Effects of This Combination Therapy.”

In joining to reviewing the pharmacology of statins, the mechanisms of statin-associated myopathy, and the populations at jeopardize for statin-associated side effects, the authors too provide strategies to lower the dare to undertake of statin-exercise interactions.

For everyone ~ward lipid-lowering medication who is allowing for ramping up the physical exercise through the New Year, this article is a competent read.

But if it helps to reserve lives, that is what any self-respecting powers that be needs to consider.

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