Ibrahim Abouleish Promotes Biodynamic Farming Methods

Ibrahim Abouleish, an Egyptian scientist, started his career in the fields of pharmacology, chemistry and physic at the young age of 19 at the time that he started his studies in Austria. In 1969, he completed his doctorate in pharmacology and worked in independent management positions in the field of pharmaceutical research.

With his brilliant mind and animated drive, he applied for and was granted patents notwithstanding several new medicines particularly for arteriosclerosis and osteoporosis. He is considered in the same proportion that one of the notable pharmacologists in his rural for this reason.

Furthermore, he is known in the place of his effective and efficient strategies in biodynamic farming methods in Egypt largely through SEKEM, a of great scope development initiative he founded in 1977. Beginning in the 1990s, SEKEM established its celebrity as Egypt’s market leader ~ the sake of organic crops and crop remedies like well as its leading organization acting toward the widespread use of biodynamic husbandry methods.

For his work, Abouleish was awarded the Right Livelihood Award, selected ~ the agency of the Schwab Foundation as an Outstanding Social Entrepreneur, and appointed by The Business for Peace Foundation during the time that an Oslo Business for Peace Honouree, being of the kind which well as received the 2013 Award with a view to Excellence in Positive Change during the Global Thinkers Forum.

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