How to study?

Learn the drugs through class (i.e. beta blockers, calcium strait blockers, etc.) using the generic names. Generally there will be a pattern for the names (i.e. ACE inhibitors extreme point in “pril”). Create your own drug cards. List the class, the generic distinction of one of the prototype drugs (ATI is serious for this part), the trade celebrity for the prototype drug you used, and soon afterward list out briefly the action / intended conversion to an act, contra’s that are unique because of the drug (i.e. almost completely have hypersensitivity listed so I leap writing it down as it is a given), worn out side effects (this is where nursing central is tidy because it denotes which side furniture are more common than others), and unpropitious ones. I typically note a petty number of drug-drug / drug-fare as well as best time to take (i.e. statins at em~ time) and common labs. For those drugs that desire antidotes, I list them as well. Then extend over the cards often.

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