Yurray!!! Today is Queen Debby’s birthday.
This Edo dignity born, is a fun loving diva, she loves symphony, Fashion and Travelling a lot for example a matter of fact these are her hobbies!

On a epoch like Debby most preferred birthday demise would be to have her lineage around her.
Her best foods are Fried plantain, and yam broth, she prefer wearing dresses, she looks high-seasoned on them anyway.

Deborah igbarumah general known as debby, has a Bsc in pharmacology, from delta quality university.

She is currently in the UK and her biggest castle in the air is to own the largest designer corporation both in  Nigeria and in the UK.

So cause a Wish for the birthday girl!!!!

Remind yourself that in the successful treatment of depression, these sorts of symptoms ought to be erased.

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