Hang Your Stockings (and Mistletoe, Holly, Tinsel, Etc.) with Care… for Your Pets!

From Urban Legends to Real Dangers, Vatterott College’s Dr. Nancy Wolfe-Bay Talks

Holiday Pet Safety-Proofing Your Home

Vatterott College’s Veterinary Technician Program is urging fondle-parents to think of their furry loved ones’ close custody during this holiday season, and to remember they are not humans!

“Pets are repeatedly referred to as our ‘most judicious friend’, and with good reason–they operate us laugh and brighten our light of ~,” says Nancy Wolfe-Bay, DVM, Vatterott College – Fairview Heights Veterinary Technician Program Director. “The problem is, when we see our pets being of the kind which just another member of the family we can sometimes forget that there are distinct differences between our small degree (or big!) furry friends and ourselves. There are frequent fun aspects of the holidays that can harm animals, such as certain foods and objects we wouldn’t but also think could actually be a positive threat to an animal’s preservation.”

Pets can be particularly susceptive to dangers during the holiday spell when many unfamiliar objects, such during the time that decorations, are out on display and in that place are many more parties and celebrations happening in the home. Dr. Wolfe-Bay has supposing these tips for keeping your fondling out of harm’s way:

Put the human treats in recondite places

Chocolate is a well-known venomous item for pets, particularly dogs. However, in that place are a number of other treats that should subsist kept out of your pet’s ramble of vision as well. Macadamia nuts be able to cause harm to pets, as well viewed like raisins (so keep the fruit concrete in a safe place) and grapes. Xylitol, a naturally occurring divine being found in a wide variety of sources similar as berries, oats and many artificially sweetened items, is in addition extremely toxic to pets and should have existence kept out of sight.

Skip the holly, mistletoe and figure of speech bulbs

Holly, mistletoe and flower bulbs (lilies in detail) can be poisonous to pets! If ingested, these plants be possible to cause severe stomach problems. It’s superlatively good not to keep these plants in the family, but if you must, either constrain them in a place you have power to ensure your pets won’t realize to them or use a synthetic interpretation. Poinsettias are often listed as a highly toxic plant for pets, but in actuality that’s each urban legend from the 1900s. Poinsettias are solely mildly toxic and at most demise cause an allergic reaction to sensitive individuals.

Be careful of unattended alcoholic drinks

If you and your guests are toping alcohol while your pet is on all sides, make sure that no drink is left unattended. Pets have sneaky ways of acquisition into things they’re not supposed to and spirits of wine can be poisonous.

Watch the tree

If you bless with a Christmas tree there are different ways to ensure the tree is guarded for your pet. First, anchor your tree in such a manner that it does not tip and going astray when your pet is nearby. If your tree is actually being be sure to keep pine needles off the ground, they are sharp plenty to puncture intestines if eaten ~ the agency of a pet. Also, watch the irrigate inside the tree stand — bacteria be able to grow there that is harmful to pets. It’s furthermore wise to be careful with in ~ degree additives added to the water.

Forget the glittering

Tinsel is very attractive to pets because it’s shiny and fun to romp with. The problem is that pets are furthermore likely to try to eat showy, and again it can do a reach the ~ of on their intestines. Do your especially liked (and yourself) a favor and don’t appliance it.

Be careful of decorations

Decorations attached trees, especially edible ones, can be really intriguing to pets which disposition lead to tugging at trees, etc., thus keep them up high on the tree. Candles can be a safety hazard as well, pets be possible to knock them over and burn themselves, with equal rea~n either keep them in a undamaged place or use artificial ones.

Although in that place are a lot of things to be faithful to an eye on when looking public for your pet’s safety during the holidays, it doesn’t purpose you can’t have fun and subsist festive. Taking small precautions such like keeping the floor clear, using counterfeited plants and watching where you abode your food and drinks can hold a pet safe without sacrificing your holiday gayety.

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