FCPS – Comprehensive Guideline

– Dr. Husnain Akram

In the celebrity of Allah. The Merciful, the Compassionate.

Dear All, Assalam O Allaekum,

I be under the necessity been requested by many people to scratch about my experience in passing FCPS faction 1 in First attempt. First of all, I would like to thank Almighty Allah Who happy me with such an honour. Our prayers count a lot no matter whatever exams we are giving. So store up praying and have faith in joining to putting efforts in studies.

After I did my race job, I was hardly having 2 months because of the preparation and I did not study before that. So I made a plot to study and collected the essential material and guidance from many seniors. In adding to that, I joined FCPS facebook groups and Blogs of the couple MBBS and BDS which I used to inspect on daily basis and they were perfectly helping.

I came to know that Anatomy was the ~ numerous important in this aspect and is in truth challenging.. So I started with Anatomy and Physio

The books to employment for anatomy are as follows:

1. Snell Review Book

You hold to study the portion of Head n Neck… and whether or not you have time then do study Kidney,  Liver and thorax. It would not take more than a promised time. Doing this is sometimes necessary inasmuch as sometimes you may find bcqs from these topics in your paper..but if you don’t bear time, then just do relevent mcqs.

2. USMLE First Aid

Neuroanatomy is written in a excellent way in USMLE. Neurophysiology is also covered if you do neuroanatomy from USMLE. One prominent thing you should keep in mark that neuro is  an expanded and much confusing subject. Make universal as much as you can for the cause that some people recommend KAPLAN neuro with regard to that. I was not having time with equal rea~n I could not study that. Sometimes mcqs from neuro are in addition tough so see the slides of neuro from the proper blogs and high yield points. Dr Najeeb lectures up~ neuro might help.

3. NBDE 

After the capital two books, review the anatomy from NBDE you exercise volition see that your grip on dissection will get better. Brachial Plexus included in upper limbs is a mouldiness do. Don’t study lower bough and don’t miss the structural details of heart.

HISTOLOGY in NBDE is again than enough and quite easy to make out.

4. High Yield Embryology

For ill-defined and special embryo. 5 weeks of indefinite and head n neck portion of the special is enough. This is short work. No need to study these in narrative.

5. General Anatomy

Firdous is enough having maximum 6 pages of general anatomy

Watch Aclands youtube videos of Head n Neck and Brain notwithstanding getting clear concept. I watched every one of and was very confident of structural details due to that.


1. BRS Physiology is the ut~ important book for physio. You obtain to do each and everything in that main division . I have seen that exact lines in Part 1 Physio advance from BRS!!..If you have achieved BRS in a good way.. You put on’t need anything else.

For criticism after studying BRS, NBDE is a righteousness option

3. NeuroPhysiology from USMLE in the same manner with described earlier and Kaplan Neuro potency help as neuro is a compage subject and mostly we make blunders in mcqs connected to neuro.


1. BRS Pathology

Starting ~issimo pathology from BRS is a advantageous option which also includes immunity and Blood kindred disorders


After that, military the pathology from NBDE series and 2 chapters from USMLE 

Note: Don’t study Special pathology if it be not that DO all the mcqs related to that on this account that they come on and off. I disposition give the details of mcqs books at the end

3. Microbiology

USMLE Microbiology is greater degree of than enough which includes Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi and Parasites no more than remember that I have not perceive any FCPS part 1 paper having besides than 3 mcqs from micro. So dress in’t give it a lot of your time! Study it… Mark material points and then study only the points… No exigency to do NBDE micro

USMLE Immunology is moreover easy to understand. You can study from in that place.


If you have time, sooner or later study biochemistry from both NBDE and USMLE. Its not that abundant. Don’t cram the metabolism and the moving details written on USMLE.. Biochemistry includes greatest of 4 to 5 mcqs of your written instrument. SO treat it accordingly… Prefer USMLE biochem immersing NBDE.


1. Lippincot: If you be under the necessity time and have studied Lippincott in your 2nd professional exam, afterward have a look at the CNS, ANS, and Chemo from that. ANAESTHESIA is same important.. Make concepts and get in the same manner with much details as you can, connected to Anesthesia from mini katzung and other books.

2. USMLE containing pharma tables is very helping  and important.. You be obliged to do them.

3. Kaplan Pharma… I closely examined a bit.. its short and of established credit) but I was not having time to study that. It is a more usefully alternative to Lippincot if you deficiency time.


The roughest subject of totality

1.  SHAHINA I studied for I used this in 2nd year.. ~-end

2. PANKAJ GUPTA is a book worth studying. Basically this is every mcqs book but every mcq is explained in the presence of the next. If you do this with explanation of mcqs, it will put a ~ing on your whole chapter and it is chapter-sagacious book. Nobody used this book previously because nobody knows about it.. Some senior recommended me this book and it in truth helped.


This is a less subject as only 2 to 3 mcqs reach. If you have time, then render Chapter 1,2 5,7 and 8 from Contemporary Oral Pathology. Otherwise, doing northerly yeild points from the blogs are in addition than enough


This is furthermore among short subjects. Doing this from NBDE is besides than enough. It will not take plenteous time.


Going through ended papers is a good approach. I approve following books for MCQs

1. Chandkian Medicine and Surgery papers
Chandkian mistakes are too much so you will be needing natural errata of that

2. Rabia Ali  
A true good book.. Do each and everything but also the anatomy of lower limbs and e~ pathology mcqs.. don’t leave… Errata needed!

3. Asim n Shoaib (Medicine part and Surgery Book)
Do each n each mcqs whether its included in your brief or not. Mostly exact lines of this book are taken.. but you will subsist needing the errata too. MOST RELIABLE!!

4. Jahangir Khan main division of Past papers and high yield points
The greatest in quantity important book for getting a without deductions idea about the paper and rubbish

5. Vijay Pratap Dental material Mcqs

6. Dentogist Mcqs of Dental materials,Oral Bio and verbal pathology

7. Azeem Sheikh MCQs volume
Good and short..study it allowing that you have time


Imortant things to translate:

* Slides
* High Yield points
* Notes shared steady groups
* Discussions
* Relevant Videos
* Regular personality in respective groups especially with the following names
FCPS Batch (2005 to 2010)
Guide to FCPS Dentistry blog by Dr Jahangir Khan
* Erratas of every one of MCQs Books

Remember one thing, you desire to do a lot of mcqs. So putting mcqs in the period is not a good idea. Make a step and do atleast at least 300 mcqs per day no matter what you are studying. You should guard 300 mcqs before you sleep. And put on’t rely on one book. If you are not certain of a particular multiple choice interrogatory, then discus in the groups and slip on’t mark it until some trustworthy person answers that surely. ASIM n SHOAIB KEY IS THE MOST RELIABLE AMONG ALL MCQs BOOKS.

There is in addition much hustle of mcqs. People be able to get wrong their answers wrong. So exist very careful about that. Its a indefinite amount of a single word which have power to change the answer. Make clear concepts. The High Yield Points in Jahangir Khan blog are true helping which includes DENTAL MATERIALS, ORAL PATHOLOGY, EMBRYOLOGY, PHARMA, PATHO, MICRO, ANAESTHESIA etc Don’t license them. They are very very of great weight.. More important than studying extra books. and you force of ~ get a lot of important slides from the facebook groups.. Save them up~ the body your mobile phone or laptops and watch them afresh n again when you are spontaneous. Watch important videos too. and mcqs discussed in the groups should be seen regularly. Discuss them but dont rely until you are sure..People share their notes..take a gaze on them too..some are considerably helping..

The last 7 days should have ~ing focused on mcqs and past papers because if you try to revise from the books in those days, the gloominess prevails and screws the preparation. Be relaxed and hold faith in Allah.. You have a fate of time in exam to meditate about the answer. You need not to hasten and think about every option. Don’t study MURAAD line of mcqs book. It will destruction your concepts.

Review Points by Diclofenac Sodium, Dr Maryam Malik are character studying

Dental MCQs are frequently repeated.

Lastly, the review of books is the most challenging conclusion. Mark the important points in the books and study them and nothing else in the next revisions. This is true important. If you try to render whole revision again, you will loose your confidence and you will have existence wasting your precious time on the things that are not even important. So re-examination according to your time. Revise the points distinguished by you. Revision of MCQs is equally of high standing. If you revise all the mcqs three state of things , that would be great.

IMPORTANT TIP: WHEN IN DOUBT, FOLLOW THE KEY!Mark the CONTROVERSIAL MCQs and discuss them again n again and granting that nobody is sure, then follow the elucidation. For Example: Milk is notoriously deficient in VIT C according to our comprehension but according to CPSP Model Papers, the say in reply is PANTOTHENIC ACID. Be very censorious about such mcqs.

In the close, your prayers and your positive come nearly up matters. If you follow these instructions, you won’t appearance some problems I faced during the exam goal I feel that 2 months are sufficiency to go through all things in a gracious way but if you have 3 months or to a greater degree, then you are lucky. You be possible to manage an awesome preparation.

Don’t chew and swallow much in the break between the couple exams :p
For further queries, You can ask in the blog.

Important Websites, Blogs and Facebook Groups mentioned in the Post

http://fcpspart1dentistry.com/ (Jahangir Khan)

https://www.facebook.com/groups/1476833722561226/ (fcps_dentistry)

https://www.facebook.com/groups/102979646495000/ [FCPS prep. (quantity 2005-10)]

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