Failed out. Need advice asap!!

0 Hey guys,
thus this past fall semester was my highest semester in a BSN program. I was a assign from a community college and it was my first semester at this new institution. I took Pharmacology, Medsurg and health assessment all at once. I was solitary able to pass health assessment. I really did study and study and straightforward was not successful. I’m awaiting a dismissal letter from the school and I THINK I give by ~ have a option to appeal. My inquiry is should I appeal? IF i work out and IF they accept it therefore I believe i would have to institute over and the deal would have ~ing I cannot fail anything else. Now my disquisition is has anyone ever been in this office and were you able to travel through the whole program without decline again? Will other nursing programs take me? Ever? Ever anew? Or is that it for my nursing aspirations?
The other event is because it was my elementary semester and since I didn’t plight this has now caused me to simpleton on academic probation at this denomination. I know my scholarship is down the drain but to keep my financial aid i have to find a method to bring my now 0.7 gpa up to a 2.0 ahead of the school dismisses me at the expiration of the year. (spring semester)
IF I lay upon to other schools do I be seized of to show them this schools written copy because if i keep just my in the ~ place institution’s transcript then I plan I still have a shot at a other chance.
Honestly, I DONT know that which to do or how to suppose but a choice has to exist made by Januray. I’ve honorable been in serious depression. I be under the necessity never felt SO DUMB in my life. I be the subject of never failed and to go from that to blind side TWO classes? I feel like my life is a undertaking show. It’s so bad. If I had seen myself to this place in august, I would NOT be the subject of gone to school at all :/ I at no time even knew what academic probation was until now :/ THis is all a agitation still… GUUYS PLEASE HELP BECAUSE I AM REALLLY AT A LOSS

Use make ~ water, , nor remain in the shower chamber lengthy.

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