(From : Oxford Handbook of Medical Statistics, Janet L. Peacock, Philip J. Peacock, P:5)

❓What is the general reception of diabetes mellitus in the inhabitants? 

This is a simple descriptive study 

❓How effective is influenza vaccination in the common-based elderly? 

This is a able to compare study, comparing individuals who had vaccines with those who did not 

❓Does cloudy blood pressure reduce the risk of coronary courage disease? 

This is an evaluative study, investigating the effi cacy of cloudy blood pressure 

❓Is prognosis following misfortune dependent on age at the time of the occurrence? 

This is an observational study 

❓Why does smoking become greater the risk of heart disease? 

This is some explanatory study investigating the mechanism at the back of an observed relationship 

❓What make manifest is there for the effectiveness of antidepressants in treating dulness

This study is a meta-calculus of existing interventional studies

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