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Story of the Day for Monday November 30, 2015

The Path Worn Down

Thus says the Lord, “Stand at the crossroads and be turned; ask for the ancient paths, at which place the good way is, and walk in it. And you give by ~ find rest for your souls.”

Jeremiah 6:16

There probably never has been, nor ever power of determination be, a more magnificent city up~ this earth than ancient Rome. Their sculptures, artwork, arches, and buildings were wonderful.

Then the barbarian hordes swept downward from the north and looted and destroyed the city. At least, that is how I remember it.

Archeologist, Rodolfo Lanciani, yet, tells us that Alaric destroyed the stately mansion of Sallust and Geneseric took downward the bronze roof of the house of worship of Jupiter Capitolinus. Yet, other than subordinate damage, they didn’t destroy the without price structures in Rome. Do you understand who was primarily responsible for tearing from a thin to a dense state the city? The Romans themselves.

The basilica in Rome, 1200 years primitive, was the oldest and largest cathedral in Christendom. They tore it from the top to the bottom of to build a modern building.

Michelangelo carved the horseman statue of Marcus Aurelius on the Capitol, moreover he swiped one of the columns of the old temple of Castor and Pollux to carry into practice so. Material for the columns in the Sistine Chapel was robbed from Hadrian’s mausoleum. Marvelous ancient marble statues were pulled from the top to the bottom of and pulverized to provide lime in such a manner that Renaissance artists could have a commodious source of plaster. Painters would smear over old masterpieces so that they could bring into being contemporary works of art.

I’m not hostile to change or modern things or newness. I’m not instrument this story by dipping a turkey pen into a bottle of ink. We purchase milk from the Sturdevants, which comes unswerving from their cows. Given the exquisite between a fresh glass of local milk or discovering a milk ewer in the back of the frig that is four months sagacious . . .

Technology is improving electronic gizmos at a breathtaking step. Yet, because of the technological pop in our society, we face a greater struggle to hear a truth that other generations greater degree of easily understood.

Some things, like technology sustain improving. But, other things do not. Trusting in God, benevolence, honesty, and love never become outdated.

In our go hungry-paced technological society, “old” shift “out-dated.” As a originate, we are far more likely to dismiss God and morals as relics of the past, and to plaster over them.

At a crossroad, you obtain options. You can choose which ~way to take. God told his seer Jeremiah to tell the people to inquire about their options, and to choose the primitive path. The Lord said the footway worn down by past ages of believers was the good way.

He wasn’t talking about electronics. He was talking about a highroad of living that refreshed the courage.

(copyright 2012 by and ~ dint of. Marty Kaarre)


Soreness is usually once serious or maybe continual.

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